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A good bookkeeping system does not need to be fancy or confusing, in fact one of the best and easiest way to start a good bookkeeping system is completely FREE – Google Sheets. This tutorial shows you exactly how to use Google Sheets to start your bookkeeping. This video is useful for both small business owners and bookkeepers learning how to provide this service for small businesses.

*This video is not endorsed by Google or Microsoft.

0:00 Introduction
1:50 Google Sheets
3:34 Formatting for Transactions
4:56 Creating Transaction Category Dropdown Options
8:10 Pulling Transaction Category Totals
13:15 Profit & Loss Statement Sheet for Totals

The COMPUTER I use! – https://amzn.to/3kpZxbc
*If you don’t already have a good computer/laptop for your bookkeeping needs, this is the laptop I currently have. I love it and it’s just right for what I need to use it for!

FREE TEMPLATE Google Sheets Bookkeeping File -https://bit.ly/3s2c9Je

Small Business Expense Categories PDF – https://bit.ly/3sdhXwa
IRS Business Expense Deduction Categories – https://bit.ly/3ByLc2c

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15 thoughts on “🌿 FREE TEMPLATE for a simple, easy, FREE way to do BOOKKEEPING | Realistic Bookkeeping

  1. Hey Realistic Bookkeeping, I cannot thank you enough for this video. I started my ebay store in June and with your step by step vid, I was able to enter all transactions and P/L sheets. I’m up to date and I have a Birds eye view of my finances. Two thumbs up 🙂

  2. Fantastic video not too fast or slow but i cant explain how happy wen i found this video who explain each point with patience and clarity . Having accounts degree with no experience in real world is so terrible but such videos as this save the day. Thankyou so much

  3. Are you doing single entry accounting here? Normal entering these transactions would be double entry would it not? I know that a very small business will sometimes use single entry.

  4. Thank you Rachel great video to kick off improving my bookkeeping with some fine tuning for Australian regulations

  5. Super helpful! I have dyscalculia and a small business. I really am not making enough to pay someone else to do all of my accounting. My method of just doing my best and then going to my husband in tears to help me get it straightened out isn’t working. Thanks!

  6. This was extremely helpful!! Will definitely watch your other videos and recommend to others!

  7. GREATFUL!! Thank you so so so much for making this video Realistic Bookkeeper! I just started my online store, and I don’t know where and how to start in bookkeeping, grateful for your video!! Super thank you! <3

  8. This video was exactly what I needed to take control of my business bookkeeping confidently! I am so happy that I found your channel!! Thank you for sharing!

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