This video visualise a day of a Scrum Master using the 8 Scrum Master hats. Watch the 8 Scrum Master hats video here: UPDATE: Thank you for the 100 likes. As promised in this video, I have made the follow up video which can be watched here: #scrum #scrummaster #devops

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  1. I loved the explication @Joshua, thanksβœ…πŸŽ―πŸš€πŸ‘ however, Jenny has got a special job title, and not all (Scrum Masters)people have a huge responsibility. I considered that If you’re a Scrum Master (not Director of Engineering) and work in a small company the responsibilities have a lower hurdle, so, managing 3 teams is not easy, it requires a lot of experience and your emotional intelligence is tested all the time. In fact, as you said according to Scrum Guide, the Scrum Master has got his/her accountabilities and this must be applied in any company regardless of its size. Finally, I’d like to take this opportunity to ask you a question please: What is the minimum that a Scrum Master with 1 year or more of experience should do in any company? thanks again.πŸ˜‡

    1. As a Scrum Master you do not need to manage your team. As Scrum Guide says, the team is self-managed. That’s why Scrum Masters like Jenny can still do functional role work and still be a Scrum Master. My opinion is, a Scrum Master should be from managerial position. Out of the 8 Scrum Master hats, I don’t expect them to know professional coaching. If they’re a humble leader as described in Scrum Guide, the other 7 hats should be natural to them .

    2. @Scrum Master In Black, Joshua, the key is: “the team is self-managed”, I got it, 1000 thanks.πŸ‘

  2. Does a scrum master alone teaches EBM to teams ?? For strategic planning ?? Is this his accountability???

    1. The Scrum Master is accountable to teach the team and the management anything that can improve the company.

  3. Great video and also nice how you link the other video’s (e.g. 8 hats video). If I may, sometimes it can be helpful, for me personally, to have the examples right after the explanation. Two reasons: one it breaks the video more in little pieces, therefore I can let the information sit. Secondly, when I get the example presented I tent to understand the theory or the essentials better. Still this video is great and I would recommend it to others πŸ™‚ Keep it up because I’m hooked!

  4. Working as a BA in an Agile project, I find that the Scrum Masters provide little to no value to the project.
    The Scrum Master job description includes a lot of Jargons but in the ground level it has no practical value.
    A Scrum Master removes obstacles and impediments – How do they achieve that? set up a call with the Integration teams , throw in some BA’s , ask the BA’s to take minutes , speak nothing in the call while BA and Integration do all the talking while the Scrum Master probably doses off to sleep
    A Scrum Master facilitates the meeting – How does he do it ? Send a meeting invite to all the team members , Copy paste the above. After call call is over call the BA’s to understand what happened in the call
    A Scrum Master helps in PI Planning – How does he do it? Ask the BA’s to create a file with all the data and then paste that content in the Miro Board , JIRA
    A Scrum Master conducts standups – How does it happen? Setup a 30 mins call , that’s the easiest part ask each person what they did yesterday , today and blockers. Skip the meeting once a week saying I am a bit stuck and ask some Developer or BA to take the lead in the call. Even Demo’s happen in the call and the call extends to a good 1 hour

    If the job of not sending meeting invites is taken away from the Scrum Master they will be jobless

    1. @Kramnikstudentc24 I feel you. It’s sad. Many Scrum Masters in the market think they’re no different than a project manager.

    2. I was working as a BA but currently i m working as a SM in a project, definitely i dont have to do much hands on things but only the reports , facilitating the meeting and motivate the team.
      But at the same time i shared agile knowledge, shared how to estimate our work and created kanban board in JIRA, so that they can filter out all the things. But still i feel BA job is much more challenging , earlier i had to do analysis, data creation, performed smoke testing and uat as well, along with creating Jira stories and requirement gathering

    3. @Rishabh Scrum Master is not only working at the team level. You should also work at the organisation level, as written on Scrum Guide. It’s definitely challenging to coach and mentor the senior management. πŸ™‚

    4. @Scrum Master In Black as i am very new in this role i will try to improve my knowledge and work with the time.
      Thanks for letting me know this πŸ˜ƒ

    5. @Rishabh Awesome. That’s what’s most important being a Scrum Master … having curiosity and unsatisfied with the current status quo.

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