b>Tween Girls, this stuff is geared for girls 10-12 years old and has been curated for you by Coco and I! I find that at 11, she is right on the edge of still liking some things that are younger and also have a foot in the door of wanting to be a teenager. I tried to find the right mix of gift ideas here and I hope you like them! Feel free to also check out the Teen Gift Guide for Girls coming out tomorrow for some slightly more mature options!

2020 Tween gift Guide- Clothing

Clothes and Shoes! 

-We wind up having to do a new hat and gloves pretty much every season. Coco is growing so quickly and making it through an entire season without losing a glove is not even a thing! So here are two sets that Coco and I thought were really cute!

-Beanie with two pompoms and matching Fingerless gloves 

-Rainbow beanie and matching Rainbow gloves.

-This girl’s eco-friendly parka is adorable (I love this color combo) and functional for the cold winter ahead. 

-Grownups aren’t the only ones into loungewear to the max this year. Homeschool calls for sweats and Coco wears sweats to set every day. Actually, both girls are obsessed with sweats! This little Star Hoodie and Joggers are super cute!  

-Coco just thought this Pizza on earth shirt was funny! or maybe your tween needs some light-up chopsticks?

-So Air force 1 Nike’s are the ultimate in cool right now for this age group (and teens) and I love that they have some really playful options for younger girls!  This variety comes in a very cool yellow and a pair pale pink with contrast piping.  They also come in TYE DYE!!!

-Or you can go with the coolest updated classic- SHINY silver Converse!!!

2020 Tween Gift Guide STUFF

Interesting STUFF!  

-Coco is absolutely obsessed with her Sky projector, which makes a very cool galaxy light show on the ceiling. (Pia has one too and loves it as well.) 

-This snoopy light is also very cute and would be a hit! Or how about a Bean Bag shaped like a slice of pizza?

-I think that this is the cutest reading light ever, and any kids would like these HEATED snoopy slippers!! 

-Tye Dye is so trendy and at this age I love the idea of buying inexpensive sweats (here is a two pack of white hoodies for $34)  and a TYE DYE kit so that they can choose their own style. Plus anytime they get to make something, they are more into it!

-This is a SURE THING gift!!! Coco was eyeing this super-soft Burrito Blanket for months and she got it for her birthday and was in heaven. It even comes wrapped in tin foil like a real burrito!! It is seriously cute. 

-I am a big fan of heating pads for myself and for my kids. Any little aches or growing pains or even just to relax at night.  This Avocado Microwavable Heating Pad is the cutest way to do that.  

-I had this up last year too, but I still think a Polaroid camera is such a great gift for this age! You can also add this photo clip light string to go with it!   

-Coco loves drawing so this copy of “How to draw really cute stuff” has been a fun one for her to consult when she is feeling creative! 

-If you have a burgeoning artist- this Light box for tracing is so cool!!! It gives young artists a little boost in starting their masterpieces.  

-There is also this fun Buddha Board which is considered to be a very calming and almost meditative art form of painting with water.  

-These are just a cute, small little gift that makes plugging in your electronics with Animal Cable bites, that much more fun!: 

-We keep humidifiers running most of the weekend for easy breathing. This Dumpling Humidifier is SO cute and Coco’s favorite!  

-This was also in my Under $30 gift guide, but I had to add it here too. This Stylus for i-pads is a great gift for kids this age that use an ipad. It is so good for taking notes, making art and really wonderful for those drawing pages that you can do digitally.   

-I also love the idea of the affirmation cards. Everyone needs a pick-me-up, especially at this age.

2020- Tween Gift Guide Accessories


-This is the sweetest Heart Locket Necklace and if you are looking for something special, this is a wonderful choice. 

-These super cute earrings also happen to be 18K gold, so no infected or green ear lobes for your little one. We loved both these Rainbow earrings and the glittery Unicorn earrings. 

-This “Be Free” Bracelet is very cute and they have so many other great sayings that are age appropriate.  

-Your tween may need a Mini Jewelry box to hold all of her goods! I know we have earrings and bracelets scattered all over the bathrooms and her bedroom, so I think something like this is just enough to keep her organized and make sure she doesn’t lose pieces. 

-When masks become a part of your everyday outfits, it’s more fun when they are cute and feel like they are just your style. These Ban.do masks are adorable.  

–A good fanny pack is basically a staple of this era considering Covid and 2020. Even kids don’t want to be dragging bags around and need a safe, clean place to store their mask, sanitizer, etc.  The fact that fanny packs are hands-free is a bonus! 

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