“Chuvash State Opera And Ballet Center, Chuvash Republic”

“Solna Centrum Station, Stockholm, Sweden”

“London Aquatics Centre, 2014”

“Beirut. Photo By Serge Najjar”

“Construction Of The Atomium, The Belgian Pavilion For The World Expo 58 In Brussels, Belgium, 1957. Photo By Dolf Kruger”

“Art Work: Martin Loureiro”

“1994. The Hope For Peace (Espoir De Paix) Monument Is A Monument In Yarze, Lebanon”

“Made to celebrate the end of the Lebanese Civil War in 1990. It was designed by the artist Armand Fernandez”

“Offices Of The Central Social Institution, Prague, Czechoslovakia – Ca.1937”

“Climbing Holidays, 2017”

“This model of a hotel on stilts brings to mind Tatzu Nishi’s suspended spaces, in which rooms, and even functioning hotels, are installed around historical public monuments”

“Abandoned Modernist Hotel In Bosnia”

“Dam Tunnel In The Woods Outside Pittsfield, Massachusetts”

“This Is The View Looking Up To A Spiralling Staircase, Seen Inside The Main Tower Of A Church In France. Building: St.

Joseph’s Church”

“Location: Le Havre, France Architect: Auguste Perret”

“Singapore Photo By Leslie Heng”

“House Lim-Millan (Also Leme House) By Paulo Mendes Da Rocha Sao Paulo, Brazil 1970-74”

“Chongqing, China”

“Duga, Outside Of Chernobyl, Was A Soviet Experimental Over-The-Horizon Radar System.

It Was Developed For The Soviet Abm Early-Warning Network. The System Operated From 1976 To 1989”

“Tbilisi, Georgia”

“Congresso Nacional Do Brasil, Brasília, Brazil. 60s Architect: Oscar Niemeyer”

“Mask Of Sorrow (1996, Dedicated To The Memory For The Prisoners Of Gulag) Magadan, Russia Sculptor : Ernst Neizvestny”

“This Street Lamp In Wroclaw, Poland”

“Chronicles Of Georgia, Tbilisi”

“Table. Author Stephan Schmitz”

“Ww2 German Observation Tower On Guernsey Island”

“High Island Reservoir East Dam, Sai Kung East Country Park, Sai Kung, Hong Kong”

“One Of Two Twin Underground Reservoirs In Forstenried Park Holding The Drinking Water For Munich, Germany”

“Torres Blancas In Madrid. Photo By Gregor Pieplow”

“Glencairn Tower, Motherwell, Scotland Photo By Les Shafer”

“Backup Power Station, Sweden”

“Burroughs Wellcome Building, Paul Rudolph Architect Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA, 1972”

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