3 Minute Overview of Xero Accounting Software

Will McTavish provides a 3 Minute Overview of Xero, the world’s most beautiful accounting software.

Our Xero Implementation Course is designed for anyone setting up Xero for their business who wants the benefit of and expert without the price tag. Our in-course chat provides the human element needed to guarantee a successful result every time for every business.


We’ll answer any questions you have about choosing or using Xero in the comments below.

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23 thoughts on “3 Minute Overview of Xero Accounting Software

  1. Love it! This is pretty user friendly and basic wording making it easier for those who are not deep into Accounting.

    1. Hi Asad you sure can! All transaction types can be printed/sent from Xero however only some of them can be designed. Check out our other video ‘How to Design Custom Invoices with Xero’ for how to do this 🙂 ^Reubs

  2. Do i have to connect my bank account with Xero? Can i manually add the balance and account on the basis that this is a backup to my paper records?

    1. Hi Dawgie great question! You do not have to connect your bank accounts to Xero. You can manually add/bulk import bank statement lines.
      Some areas of the word do not have local banks that provide bank feeds to Xero so this is what those people do. ^Reubs

  3. Awesome, a kiwi! I am looking at getting Xero for my husband who is a sole trader. He only has one income invoice a month (buyer-created invoice) and no more than 10 x invoices for various expenses a month (owner-driver). Would this be good for him? We file the two-monthly GST returns and accountant does end of year returns. Looking for a tidier way of record keeping and being able to access it all in one place easily.

  4. Am retrenched. Looking to get a certification in Quickbooks as well as Xero, hope I can land a new accounts job soon with my new certs!!!

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