Your furry friends are part of your family, so don’t leave them behind on a fun family vacation! While traveling with your dog(s) might sound stressful, the truth is that bringing a pet on a vacation or work trip is likely easier than you think with just a little bit of planning and preparation. Whether you’re taking a cross-country road trip with your family or chartering a flight from for your next business trip, why not allow your dog to come along? Here are a few simple tips to make traveling with dogs as simple as possible, even on a longer trip.


 Tips for Traveling With Dogs

Use Helpful Apps

There are numerous apps on the market intended to help dog owners make traveling with their furry friends go as smoothly as possible. From finding nearby trails to take your dog on a walk while traveling to finding pet-friendly restaurants, bars, and coffee shops that will allow your dog to join you for a meal or drinks with a friend, apps like All Trails and Bring Fido can make traveling with a pet easier than ever before.


Don’t Underpack

Many travelers understand the importance of saving space and packing efficiently on any trip, however, there is no such thing as underpacking when it comes to taking a trip with a pet.

Between food, toys, leashes, and other gear, be sure to pack more than you might believe to be necessary to prevent an unforeseen emergency from arising when you are left without the pet gear you might need during a trip. Many experts recommend packing your pet their very own suitcase or traveling bag to help keep all of their belongings stored and nicely organized during a vacation or work trip.


Triple Check Policies

Nothing is more stressful than arriving at your travel destination with your pet to find that there is an issue. To avoid any complications from standing in the way of you and a seamless vacation, be sure to triple-check travel policies at your hotel, on any airlines, and more. To avoid fees while still notifying your hotel that you are bringing your furry friend along for a trip, be sure to search online for hotels and chains that do not require guests to pay an additional fee for having a pet in the room!


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