“Here’s a totally not frightening close-up:”

“This is how big a baby kangaroo is when it’s born:”

“This is a picture of some of Gandhi’s only earthly possessions when he died:”

“A couple hats, a couple bowls, and some sandals.”

“This is Anaka, a gorilla who was born with pink pigmentation on her fingers:”

“This is what her fingers look like up close:”

“This is what the inside of the Leaning Tower of Pisa looks like:”

“This right here is the Warner Bros. Studio Cafe menu from February 1941. It’s a very “1941” menu:”

“This is what the back of a soda fountain looks like:”

“This is a helicoprion, a prehistoric shark famous for its razor sharp “tooth whorl” that totally isn’t going to haunt my dreams:”

“Sinks can be very, very tiny:”

“Chameleon eggs look like little pinto beans:”

“Some libraries let you check out pots, pans, and other cookware:”

“And, finally, this is what happens when you polish a coconut:”

“86 year old flight attendant, Bette Nash, has been flying the skies for 65 years, making her the longest serving flight attendant in the world.”

“Standing on top of a nuclear reactor”

“When Japan executes criminals by hanging, 3 wall buttons are simultaneously pressed by 3 people so none know which of them opened the trap door”

“Young Mao Zedong statue is located on Orange Isle in Changsha, Hunan. The monument stands 32 metres (105 ft) tall and depicts Mao Zedong’s head. The Hunan People’s Government began building it in 2007 and it was completed two years later, in 2009.

It took more than 800 tons of granite”

“China’s mass surveillance system to identify and monitor it’s citizens.

Estimated that more than half of the world’s one billion surveillance camera are in China. Software is advance in depth that details on a person requires seconds.”

“SquareSoft Developers working on Final Fantasy VII”

“Buzz Aldrin just got married on his 93rd birthday”

“Venezuela has the weakest currency in the world as of now. With 1,000,000.00 Venezuelan Bolivar valued at close to $1.”

“María Branyas has become the world’s oldest verified living person at 115 years old (born 1907). Here she is at age 15 in 1922”

“The Shroud of Turin is a nearly 800 year old piece of cloth depicting the negative Image of an unkown man”

“Current Formula 1 World Champion Max Verstappen’s home SIM setup”

“The United States once had a $10,000 bill, the largest denomination of US currency ever produced for public use:”

“This is what Bob Ross looked like before he had his iconic hairdo:”

“And here’s what Bob looked like as a young kid, just for good measure:”

“Also, while we’re at it, this is how big Pluto (above its moon Charon) is compared with North America:”

“This is a picture of the ice mountains of Pluto as seen from the New Horizons space probe:”

“These bad boys are the oldest pair of pants ever discovered, dating back to over 3,000 years ago:”

“A school bus looks like a tiny little baby next to a haul truck:”

“Here’s a haul truck next to two normal-size humans:”

“There’s a beer bottle 35,000 feet down into the deepest point of Earth, the Challenger Deep:”

“You’re probably familiar with the front of King Tut’s iconic death mask:”

“Well, this is what the back looks like:”

“You’re probably familiar with a blob fish, that lovable, kinda human-looking fish with the super-weird face:”

“Well, this is what a blob fish looks like in its natural environment, before it’s been subjected to immense changes in pressure:”

“Changing gears to something of totally equal importance, you can spell “BILLIE EILISH” on a calculator:”

“This is what Buenos Aires looked like after Argentina won the 2022 World Cup:”

“This is what the inside of the White House looked like when it was being reconstructed in the late 1940s:”

“This is how horses fly on a plane:”

“This is what Hong Kong looked like circa 1920…”

“And here’s what it looks like today:”

“During World War II, Walt Disney developed a Mickey Mouse gas mask, designed to help children get comfortable and relaxed while wearing the mask:”

Source: www.buzzfeed.com

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