40+ individuals who brought joy and a smile to their loved ones on Valentine’s Day. It showcases their acts of kindness and love, spreading positivity and happiness on the holiday of love.

“Asked The Florist To Write About Our Last Valentine’s Day As Unmarried Couple. They Sent A Different Message”

“Wish I Could Have Gotten A Valentine’s Day Card Like This”

“My Valentine’s Day Card From My Wife”

“This Valentine’s Day Card Spotted By The Husband Today”

“My GF Hinted She Wants A Teddy Bear For Valentine’s Day. I Hope She Likes It”

“Girlfriend Made Me This Card For Valentine’s Day”

“Gift Idea For Singles On Valentine’s Day”

“My GF Got Me This Card On Valentine’s Day Of This Year Before We Were Officially “Dating.” It Still Makes Me Smile”

“My Girlfriend Got Me This Awesome Shirt For Valentine’s Day But When I Laid It Down To Take A Picture, Our Cat Sat On The Word “Dad” Making The Shirt Just Say “Best Cat Ever””

“A Valentine’s Day Card I Made When I Was 5”

“Made This Card For My Valentine This Year”

“For Valentine’s Day I Made My Parents Salt And Pepper Shakers Of Their Faces”

“When You Find The Perfect Valentine’s Day Card, And So Does He”

“My Wife Made Me A Cake For Valentine’s Day”

“Every Valentine’s Day, My Parents Have An Argument About Whether This Is Lazy Or Romantic: My Dad’s Been Using The Same Card For Every Holiday Since I Was In Middle School”

“My Niece’s Non-Traditional Valentine’s Day Card”

“My Husband Is Going To Love His Valentine’s Day Surprise ”

“My Wife Spent Two Months Making This For Me For Valentine’s Day”

“My Dad Accidentally Bought A Same Gender Valentine’s Day Card And Instead Of Getting Another Card, He Drew A Little Beard On One Of The Women”

“My Wife Hates This Picture Of Me, So Naturally I Made It Into A Blanket For Her As A Valentine’s Gift”

“My Friend Was Just Cheated On. This Is The Valentine’s Day Card She’s Sending Her Ex”

“Handmade Valentine’s Day Card”

“Valentine’s Day Card From A Student”

“I May Be Single, But My Sister Sent Me A Pretty Awesome “Broquet” For Valentine’s Day”

“No One Does Valentine’s Day Like First Graders”

“Best Card To Give My Husband On Our First Valentine’s Day As A Married Couple”

“Found This Card In A Local Charity Shop.

Keeping It For Valentine’s Day. The Oldies Amongst You Will Smile”

“8 Years Ago I Horribly Photoshopped Our Family On A Mug To Make My Wife Laugh After A Hard Week. It Delivered On Valentine’s Day, So We Turned It Into A Yearly Tradition”

“Sister’s Gift To Her Husband”

“You Know It’s Meant To Be When You Both Buy The Same Comically Offensive Valentine’s Card For Each Other”

“When Your Wife Loves The Dog More Than You, This Is Your Valentine’s Gift”

“Made My Significant Other A Valentine’s Day Card”

“I Got The Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ever. Cross Stitching Is Finally Being Used For Good”

“Men Deserve Flowers Too, So I Made My BF His Special Bouquet For Valentine’s Day”

“Made My GF A Valentine’s Day Card”

“Gonna Surprise The Wife With Some Flours For Valentine’s Day”

“Take Note Boys, This Is How You Do Valentine’s Day Right”

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