If you need to spice things up a bit at your workplace, organising exciting and fun activities for your employees could be the answer. Not only will it revive the atmosphere in the office but also improve employee morale and performance. 

With a well-thought out plan for unconventional team building activities and exercises, you can bring your workplace together and in the process show your employees how to work as a unit. For your corporate team outing to be successful, however, everybody needs to get involved in events that are engaging, unique, fun and out of the ordinary. 

At the end of the day, your team should feel accomplished and elated. At Avalanche Adventure, we’ve put together a list of unconventional team building activities that are incredibly fun and enjoyable for your employees!

So, without further ado, let’s dive in to see what’s in store for your team!

1. Blindfolded Driving

Unconventional Team Building Activities; A person holding on to the steering whee of their car

Take your employee’s working relationship to the next level with this adrenaline-inducing and highly unusual team building activity. As the name suggests, the person in the driver’s seat is blindfolded and has to rely on the passenger to give them instructions to steer clear of obstacles and stay on the track. 

At Avalanche, our blindfold driving activity is specifically designed for the perfect corporate day out. It serves as the ultimate test of understanding and communication between team members as they navigate their way through our obstacle-ridden course. 

Rest assured, as we take all the measures necessary to ensure you have a safe, yet fun day out. 

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2. Camping

Unconventional Team Building Activities; A group of colleagues talking and sitting around a bonfire.

For an authentic thrilling experience, camping serves as one of the perfect unconventional team building activities that’ll strengthen the bond between your employees. 

You can look for popular camping sites as you plan an amazing trip out in the wilderness. Depending on your team’s experience with camping, you can choose a spot that’s fairly easy for everyone to enjoy and explore. Going camping with your teammates will inspire trust as everyone works together to watch out for each other and take up various responsibilities. 

If you are looking to have a rather relaxed and laid back camping experience, then at Avalanche we’ve got you covered. Camp under the stars in a fun and safe environment at our activity centre in Leicester

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3. Indoor Skydiving

Skydivers captured in the middle of their jump from an altitude

Experience the thrill of flying with your colleagues without jumping from a height or using a parachute with indoor skydiving. 

This is a completely different and one of a kind experience that’s not run of the mill.

Perfect for those team members who aren’t ardent adventure seekers ready to jump out of a plane, indoor skydiving is an unusual team building activity that guarantees a fun time while being perfectly safe.

Serious adrenaline rushes and intense cheek flapping is to be expected as you create memories of a lifetime with your colleagues and friends.

4. Organising a Flash Mob

Unconventional Team Building Activities; a group of men showing off their dancing skills

If you are looking for something mellow, fun and slightly less intense, then flash mobbing is one of the best and most fun activities for employees. There’s no better way to encourage and incite cooperation, teamwork and excitement than organising a coordinated flash mob. On the plus side, you can use your dance routine to flood your company socials and let it work wonders for your marketing. 

Organising a flash mob is as fun as participating in it. Get together with your team to organise a fun dance routine. Next, choose a public location to break out some sick dance moves and wow the innocent bystanders around you. 

Perfect for creating a buzz for your brand, an upcoming event or a new product, flash mobbing is a fun team activity that your employees will absolutely love.

5. Outdoor Activities

A man atop a tree in the thick of a forest

If you are looking for an assortment of fun outdoor activities for small groups, then Avalanche Adventure is the place for you. Our Leicester activity centre is perfect for your team to indulge in a range of activities like quad biking, off road racing, clay pigeon shooting, axe throwing and more!

Our beautiful countryside is ideal to accommodate different types of adventure sports with experts overseeing every event. For corporate events, we also offer refreshments. 

All you have to do is to get your team to the party and the rest will be taken care of!

Partner with Avalanche Adventure to Enjoy Unconventional Team Building Activities in Leicester

At Avalanche, our corporate days out are highly sought after, given the many benefits that companies stand to gain. It’s a great change of pace for your team as they let their hair down and have a fun day kicking back and relaxing.

The takeaways of a successful company outing are far too many to ignore. 

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