Are you one of those who think Rome and Paris is all that Europe has to show? I guess no, you wouldn’t be reading this blog. You are interested in the hidden gems, and I am going to tell you about them. These are 7 countries that are generally less popular for tourists. And this is not the only good about them. Let’s see!


Moldova is probably the poorest country in Europe. It’s not in the EU, it’s landlocked and small. Nothing interesting, eh? Wrong! This is a country with great preserved nature, friendly people, very low prices of everything, and a lot of this ex-USSR charm that’s quickly being lost in the other East Europe countries. And more – part of Moldova is the autonomic republic of Transnistria which is quite an odd place to visit. Getting to Moldova is easiest from Bucharest because there are very few direct flights to Kishinev.

Lenin monument in Moldova

Lenin monument in Moldova

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Bulgaria is sunny country with interesting nature. A lot of mountains, good food, and interesting culture. When going there make sure to not stay only in the capital Sofia. The real Bulgaria is most interesting to see in the small town and villages. See some interesting places to visit here.


People usually don’t think about Georgia when talking about East Europe. The country is at the border of Europe and Asia. It’s a lovely place to visit. Georgia has this great mix of the both continent plus a bit of ex-communist feel and a punch of orient. It’s something that you can’t experience anywhere else. Add to this the delicious cheap food and very beautiful nature.


Armenia is near Georgia and is another “hidden” place. How many people you know to have visited it? Armenia is next to Georgia, and if you come by land, Georgia is the only place to enter the country. Or maybe you can enter through Iran too. But not from Turkey or Azerbaidjan. Armenia is the oldest Christian country in the world. Part of it is kind of dessert. The city of Yerevan offers wonderful mix of Asia and monuments from the ex-Soviet era. Definitely a place to visit, especially if you are a westerner!


Although a bit more popular, Romania is also way off the beaten track. Romania has a lot of preserved nature and wild life. The country is big with a lot to see. Bucharest is well connected by air with the rest of the world. There are even low cost airlines travelling from Bucharest to Western Europe. So if you are for example in London, you can visit it on cheap.

Here are some ideas of what to do in Romania.


Bosnia is small country from the former Yugoslavia. It’s one of the very few Muslim countries in Europe. Combine Islam with ex-communist past and you got incredible mix! This small country also has interesting mountaineous terrain, architecture and good nature.

The best way to reach Bosnia is by land from Serbia.


Hungary is the most popular tourist destination from the countries listed here. And even then it can be considered literally unknown for the non-European.

Hungary is also the richest and most Western from these countries. The capital Budapest is a cosmopolitan city. The mix here is between the East Europe and West Europe. The country is rich in history and architecture.

Getting to Budapest is very easy. There are flights from all over the world and many low cost flights from Europe.

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