As a nonprofit technology leader, you build solutions to support every other function within your organization. That often requires figuring out how to stitch together multiple products in order to solve complex problems. In this session, a diverse team of professionals from both the corporate and nonprofit sectors will share practical approaches to identifying your organization’s most urgent needs and leveraging the interoperability of cloud-based, best-of-breed technologies to create high-value solutions. Speakers: – Snegha Ramnarayanan, Sr. Security Specialist, Okta – Christina Louie Dyer, Senior Manager, Global Programs, – Bryan Breckenridge, Executive Director, – Adam Rosenzweig, Program Manager, Nonprofit Success, Okta – Jonathan Mergy, Director of IT, Tides __ Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and hit the notification bell so you never miss an upload: __ Want more Okta? Check out our social media for updates:

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