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At first, it may seem like a shock that alt-rock singer-songwriter Ergo, Bria began her journey to becoming a musician through classical music training at a young age. But with some help from LA-based band In the Mourning, the Atlanta, Georgia native is taking the pop-punk brand popularized by bands like Paramore and claiming ownership through the roaring single “Can’t Wait.” Previously teased at some of Bria’s concerts within the last few months, the track lives up to its namesake, considering the anticipation of “Can’t Wait” reflects the song’s central message and Bria’s career.


Now based in Nashville, Tennessee, Bria McCollum first fell in love with music when she started playing the piano for her local church while learning how to play classical music. Her musical interests soon expanded to the point where it was only a matter of time before she began performing original songs for live audiences. Years later, it’s no surprise that a single such as “Can’t Wait” was made to be played live and loud.

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Led by skeletal guitars where the vocals of McCollum and In the Mourning frontwoman Amanda Tran lie buried in a wall of sound, the track pulls no punches as it only grows more intense. A thundering climax takes the song to new heights, where the two singers harmonize against the strident instruments surrounding their voices. Despite this, McCollum and her vocal range are in full effect, allowing a full demonstration where she’s giving it her all.


Although relatively straightforward and inspired, “Can’t Wait” showcases McCollum’s undying passion for music.

Whether performing classical music in her childhood or rocking out to the lively excitement of pop-punk, the approach is all the same. In the case of her latest single, the emo edge and early 2000s show an evident respect for the music that inspired McCollum. As for her music, she’s sure to keep garnering attention if her perseverance continues to persist.

Words: David Sosa

Listen to “Can’t Wait” by Ergo, Bria and In the Mourning on all streaming services. For more music and tickets to her upcoming performances, follow Bria on Instagram, Twitter, and her website.

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