Rising rap and R&B artist Enchanting has shared a preview of their forthcoming debut mixtape Luv Scarred, unveiling a fiery new track about cheaters on “Tell Me Why.” Last year she released her debut album No Luv, a 14-track collection that introduced her neo-soul spliced with an old-school R&B sound — with a dash of body thrumming trap. That project also saw Enchanting joining forces with an exceptional cast of artists that included Gucci Mane, Big Scarr, and Kali.


But on her latest single, Enchanting makes a move towards a more R&B-centric sound. “Tell Me Why” — with its resonant acoustics and spacey beats — is a biting and revelatory song about catching someone in a lie. “I was home when I got a text with a screenshot,” Enchanting sings, setting the stage for the kind of surprise no one wants to ever get.

As her mind starts racing though, her reaction is one of indignation and confusion. This only gets worse when she confronts her man, who flat-out denies it even in the face of the undeniable (“can’t be honest when I got the proof”).

It’s the incessant lies that Enchanting raps about in the song, which is ultimately an attempt to wrap her head around what causes men to engage in such deceptions.


The music video for “Tell Me Why,” directed by Todd Uno, sees Enchanting working inside a beauty salon, fixing up another woman’s hair.

But then the song cuts out to reveal their conversation and all hell breaks loose: as Enchanting confides in her customer about her cheating man, the woman she’s talking to starts to proudly hype up the “new” guy she just met.

When a Facetime call comes through though it’s quickly revealed they’re talking about the same guy. As they both proceed to lose their shit the song kicks back in, bookending the scene with the track’s suave beats and Enchanting’s frustrated questions of “why?”

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Words by Steven Ward

Watch the music video for “Tell Me Why” the new single from Enchanting below!

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