Title: Geneva

Author: Richard Armitage

Published: October 20th 2022

Publisher: Audible Audio

Genres:  Fiction, Contemporary, Crime, Mystery, Thriller

RRP: $24.99

Rating: 4 stars

How far would you go for someone you love?

Nobel Prize-winning scientist Sarah Collier has taken a step back from work to spend more time with her family. Movie nights with her husband Daniel and their daughter Maddie are a welcome respite from the scrutiny of the world’s press. As much as it hurts, it’s good to be able to see her father more too. He’s suffering from Alzheimer’s and needs special care.

Sarah has started to show tell-tale signs of the disease too. She’s been experiencing blackouts and memory loss. It’s early days but she must face the possibility that she won’t be there to see her daughter grow up. Daniel, a neuroscientist himself, is doing his best to be supportive but she already knows that she will have to be the strong one. For all of them.

So when Sarah is invited to be the guest of honour at a prestigious biotech conference in Geneva she declines, wanting to stay out of the public eye – that is until Daniel shows her the kind of work that the enigmatic Mauritz Schiller has been developing.

Flown first class to the spectacular alpine city and housed in a luxury hotel, Sarah and Daniel are thrust back into the spotlight. As they try to shut out the noise of the public media storm, in private Sarah is struggling with her escalating symptoms. And the true extent of what Schiller has achieved is a revelation. This is technology that could change medicine forever. More than that, it could save Sarah’s life.

But technology so valuable attracts all kinds of interest. Wealthy investors are circling, controversial blogger Terri Landau is all over the story, and someone close to Schiller seems bent on taking advantage of the situation for themselves. Sarah feels threatened and does not know who to trust – including herself. Far from being her lifeline Schiller’s technology may be her undoing.

As events spiral out of control Sarah and Daniel are faced with the ultimate question: how far would you go for someone you love?

An unmissable debut thriller written and narrated by Richard Armitage, co-narrated by Nicola Walker and Jane Perry.


Geneva is the debut audio release from actor, performer and narrator Richard Armitage. Geneva is a story of love, family, relationships, memories, health care, experimentation, technology, media reporting, medical advances, trust, betrayal and greed. All set to an icy cold Swiss backdrop, this crime thriller drags the reader in from line one to the final departing word.

Geneva is a tale that makes the reader consider how far they would be willing to go and sacrifice for one they love. This original audio story from actor and writer Richard Armitage follows a world recognised scientist named Sarah Collier. Sarah has recently decided to take a break from her work and concentrate on her family relationships. With the health of her elderly father and teenage daughter to consider, along with her marriage, Sarah has her hands full. But Sarah is beginning to experience symptoms of the same disease that robbed her father of his memories. This early onset Alzheimer’s diagnosis has implications for Sarah’s home and work life. Sarah knows that it is up to her to hold her family together in this time of crisis. Sarah’s husband Daniel is a neuroscientist who is trying to help Sarah as best he can, but at the end of the day Sarah knows her prognosis is not good. A lifeline comes in the form of a lucrative offer to fly to conference in Switzerland. At the conference, Sarah and Daniel are directly involved in the unveiling of an experimental medical project that uses technology as a weapon to fight off diseases, such as dementia. But pressures from the media, Sarah’s spiralling medical condition, wealthy investor sharks and those directly involved in this medical advancement all contribute to Sarah’s undoing. Will Sarah and Daniel’s love withstand this volatile trip to Geneva?

I immediately pressed the buy button on my Audible account when Geneva was released. I’ve had my eye on this title for some time now and I have been keenly anticipating its release. I’m a big fan of Richard Armitage, as an actor appearing in Harlan Coben’s screen adaptations and as a narrator of a number of books I’ve listened to recently. I wanted to continue to my Richard Armitage fix, so Geneva was soon added to my playlist.

Crime thriller stories that incorporate aspects of psychological impairment or memory loss always fascinate me. Early onset dementia is a topic that I feel is both sensitive and intriguing. I really appreciated the initial set-up of Geneva, it reeled me right in. I felt a sense of sympathy and emotion for the lead character in this tale. Sarah’s life seemed full of great achievements medically and professionally. However, I could feel the weight of the burden Sarah experiences in caring for her father who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. I could also sense Sarah’s fear in leaving her teenage daughter without a mother due to her own condition. Sarah and Daniel’s marriage initially seemed rather run of the mill, but as the story progresses, we learn much more about this relationship. All is not as it seems! I won’t go into too much detail as it would spoil this intricate plot.

Plot wise, Armitage keeps us on the edge and on our toes for the duration. Touches of espionage, murder, misconception, power, trust, betrayal and action rounds off Geneva. The story moves at a swift pace so the action is constant. I didn’t feel any down points with this one and the intensity remains at the same point throughout. Armitage delivers a few blows and surprises along the way. I wasn’t expecting them at all! A stunning snowy backdrop sets Geneva off beautifully. I could feel the crisp air, picture the gorgeous glaciers and envisage the cold mountains that surround the main conference stage of this novel. In terms of characters, Armitage does a decent job in capturing the spirit of his leads. Geneva is relayed from three different points of view. Sarah, her husband Daniel and a blogger. This third voice offers a report in between the main narrative, presenting a different angle on this perplexing tale. The narration is delivered in pitch perfect tone by Richard Armitage, Nicola Walker and Jane Perry. All three narrators are the best in the business, making Geneva a fantastic Audible original.

A icy-cold thrill rush from the start to the finish, Geneva is a gripping thriller from actor turned writer Richard Armitage. I hope to see more of Armitage’s work in the publishing industry in the near future!

Geneva by Richard Armitage was published on 20th October 2022 by Audible Audio. Details on how to purchase the book can be found here.


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