European market is famous for offering high-quality, stylish and versatile RVs at affordable prices. Today, we will be covering the best campervan models and manufactures, discussing their specs, features and underpinnings. We tried to remain as objective as possible, but naturally, this list reflects our own preferences and favorites. Do not hesitate to disagree and suggest your own contenders! Subscribe to #MustSeeTech and let’s roll! #1 Adria Twin Sports Adria Twin Sports uses Fiat Ducato underpinnings, offers 4 floor plans, and gets a pop-up roof that sleeps 2. #2 Volkswagen Grand California Based on VW Crafter, Volkswagen Grand California offers 2 modifications that can accommodate up to 4 people and fit a fully functional wet bath. #3 Hobby Vantana De Luxe Hobby Vantana De Luxe is the top-tier model of the family that gets a more potent 140-hp diesel engine, rides on 16-inch alloy rims, and features an extra-wide HOBBY TOP panoramic roof. #4 HYMER Grand Canyon S CrossOver The most expensive and therefore most highly equipped Hymer van is called the Grand Canyon S CrossOver. It has outstanding offroading capabilities based on the Mercedes selectable 4ETS electronic all-wheel drive with a reduction gear. #5 Affinity Campervan Entering the European campervan market is a risky endeavor, so Polish Affinity RV spent considerable effort on design and development of their first campervan model. #6 Knaus Boxstar XL Knaus Boxstar XL is the company’s flagship camper van that is equipped with a cabover bed and is capable of sleeping 5 people. #7 Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo Marco Polo is compact, but nevertheless super luxurious like any other Mercedes-Benz vehicle. Westfalia specialists are responsible for the conversions and they turn this van into a 4-people sleeper with a pop-up roof and a micro kitchen.

15 Replies to “Best Campervans from Europe You Wish You Could Buy in 2022”

  1. Luvv anything from Hymer, especially the 4×4 Vision Venture! Thanx 4 revealing the Affinity Floorplan: Finally something original & super functional! Honorable mention; the Wingamm’s Oasi 540 & the Canadian, Pleasure Way Recon 4×4 Campervan!

  2. REALLY REALLY WANTING a reputable camper build company to make a 4 season Electric off grid full time living version of the China made SIAC MAXUS V90 villa edition. Durable, versatile and long term reliability with all wheel drive & auto leveler would be highly desirable model. Im willing to field test the demo model in NZ here. .

  3. Impressive and still affordable! You missing the Westfalia Club Joker and Club Joker City
    I owe the Club Joker on the VW T6.0 ….. best small RV I ever had

  4. we are trying to get our act together to help you. we are upset that we allowed this to happen to. 😞

  5. These are great examples of European and some have very innovative features. I know they are imported to Canada or we can import them through Nova Scotia Canada into the US. Once there if they meet the gray water (dirty water) standards and requirements they can brought into the US.

  6. Can I buy these RV in Europe and import to US for personal use, the price and the quality are way much better than US.

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