Remember “The Rachel” haircut that everyone wanted in the ’90s? You know Jennifer Aniston’s trendy hairstyle on Friends. It was so iconic, women were literally flocking to salons to get their locks turned golden and bobbed with layers and more layers. So, we at StudyFinds looked for the best women’s hairstyles and cuts that are trending in 2023, according to those in the know, such as hairstylists. Because hairstyles are just that way, in and out of style. 

A survey of 2,000 American women revealed that the 1980s were officially the most iconic decade for hair. Respondents crowned the runner ups as the 1990s and 1970s, respectively. But throughout the years, women’s relationships with their hair have been far from perfect. The average woman has experienced four completely botched hairstyles over the years. Those tears on the car ride home from the salon are never fun.

But that’s a risk many are willing to take, especially millennials. While the average Gen Xer has only tried six different hairstyles over the years, the average millennial has already tried eight. The No. 1 cause for hair transformations? Boredom. Almost half of a survey’s respondents revealed that being sick and tired of the same old thing is what led them to go after a fresh, new look. It’s also the most common thing singles lie about on dating apps. Sixty-one percent answered a survey and admitted to misrepresenting their hair while swiping.

So, if you’re looking to get a hairstyle you can show off, just check out the list below of the best women’s hairstyles that stylists recommend for 2023. And if you’re wanting a new curling iron, hairbrush or blow dryer for your new do, check out our lists for those as well. Let us know in the comments what hairstyle you currently have your eye on!

The List: Best Women’s Hairstyles in 2023, According To Experts

1. Short Wavy Bob

PinkVilla recommends the bob, but wavy: “One of the most important hairstyle trends of recent times is the bob haircut. It has the ideal balance of being stylish and edgy, with just the proper amount of masculinity to keep it current. Try this wavy style to change things up if you’re becoming bored with the traditional bob. Bobs and waves go together like a dream. It is distinctive and edgy without being over the top.” 

The Trend Spotter says it’s trendy, too: “The bob is the perfect combination of edgy yet pretty. Nothing says cool-girl chic like a tousled just rolled out of bed crop.

And did we mention that it is also a super-flattering style?” 

“This bob is great for those of us that don’t want a lot of hassle in the morning but want enough length to be able to style and go from the office to out on the town.

Stars such as Jennifer Lawrence have been seen with a variation of this look,” Hairstyle On Point claims.

2. Tousled Lob Haircut 

This hairstyle is cuter than it sounds! Hair Adviser says, “If you want that glamorous edge that a crop can give but with the flexibility of longer locks, then a lob haircut is a perfect choice.” 

“Gone are the days when bobs would be prim and proper. Today’s bobs embrace choppy layers and modern dye jobs. Cut choppy layers into a long bob for the ultimate A-lister hairdo,” The Right Hairstyles writes.

The Trend Spotter writes, “The lob has soared to popularity because of its laid back and easy nature. It requires almost zero styling yet offers endless styling opportunities. It is trendy yet timeless, mature yet youthful and can still be easily pulled back for lazy days.”

3. Octopus Haircut

Oprah Daily raves about this classic-meets-modern style: “The octopus haircut started popping up early in 2022, and it’s here to stay. The shape of this cut resembles a classic shag and exemplifies the fine line where grunge meets glamour. Ask your stylist to cut wispy bangs and add layers on top of the head, blending them with the bottom length. Remember to keep the ends long, like the legs of an octopus!” 

“Like an octopus head with tentacles, this cut is rounded and full at the top, then spreads out at the bottom. It is the chicer cousin to the shag and can have lots of added dimension with wispy layers, fringe, and more,” according to TZR.

PureWow writes, “Ask your stylist for lots of wispy layers—or better yet, bring in an inspiration photo.”

4. Butterfly Haircut

Wow everyone with this recommendation from PureWow: “​​The butterfly haircut gives you the option to play with shorter hair around the front of your face without having to commit to cutting all your length elsewhere (which explains its rising popularity these days).” 

“The layered, wavy hair will give you an elegant lady look you’ll adore during all the seasons in 2023. Layered cuts give a unique volume effect to your hair. If you need a fresh haircut, but you feel totally uninspired in this period, I’d recommend you to go for a modern layered cut. It’s one of the best hairstyle trends in 2023 after all,” Goldie says.

Oprah Daily adds, “If you still want to keep your length but add more body and volume to your hair, you’ll love a butterfly haircut, which is all about long, feathery layers—lots and lots of them.”

5. Long Hair, Long Layers 

Glamour thinks this is a glamorous choice that’s always in style: “Expect [to see] lots of long hair with long, breezy layers. I’m loving natural-looking waves with long layers around the face that add movement, and you can even add cute baby braids. To get the look, ask your stylist for face-framing layers starting below the chin.” 

It’s a celeb-favorite, too. “Laura Dern’s long layers frame her face so perfectly, and they’re sure to do the same for you! Pop in a few curls and you’ll be good to go,” The Pioneer Woman says.

“For thick hair, layers can remove the bulk and weight, whereas for thin and fine hair, layers can create the illusion of thicker, fuller locks,” notes The Trend Spotter.

Tell us about your favorite hairstyle in the comments, and if you’re down for some fun, tell us about your worst, too!


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