Bordeaux restaurants just keep getting better. Finding a gem of a restaurant for a preset lunch menu around 24 Euros is ridiculously easy. Certainly book in advance, many are available for online bookings through the restaurant website. Food allergies and aversions are manageable if locations are given at least 24 hours notice.

Chef Guénaël Avy is a Toulouse native, but has been learning from culinary masters all over France.  He studied at a hotel/restaurant school and then worked for Alain Ducasse in Provence at Bastide de Moustiers. This was an a very natural, green and charming location, which inspired the name of his current restaurant – Le Chicoula which means ‘a Provencial sip’. Other chefs who have influenced his work through Chef Avy’s professional career are Jean Coussau in Magesq, Frederic Bacquié at ‘Relais des Trois Mas‘ in Collaire, and with Chef Eric Guérin ‘à la Mare aux Oiseaux‘.

It’s clear that his travels have also play greatly in the dishes proposed at La Chicoula – travels in SE Asia, China and the Antilles bring unique flavor profiles to dishes. A wonderful use of fusion cuisine, which is added to his more modern French techniques.

Aesthetique is important as well, which is clear from the use of color and textures on the plates. A love for creating a multi-dimensional dish is important to Chef Avy.

Nothing represented this idea more than the asparagus ‘garden’ we had as a starter. The asparagus was served multiple ways in this one dish, the textures going from creamy to crunchy, with the addition of a really unique cheese and carbon crumble.

Enjoy a stunning meal, with seasonal ingredients, impressive presentation and excellent service at La Chicoula.

La Chicola (Bistrot d’art) / 22 Rue du Cursol, 33000 Bordeaux / +33 (0)6 52 40 64 54 /

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