Bitget, a leading global cryptocurrency exchange, has deployed its Launchpad in conjunction with BitKeep, a top cryptocurrency wallet with more than six million users globally. With over 1.8 million users worldwide, the exchange is a global digital asset trading platform offering spot trading, derivatives trading, and digital asset purchasing services. 

The core purpose of the Bitget Launchpad is to support the crypto ecosystem by offering access to promising crypto projects. Users can participate by simply holding assets or trading to win featured project tokens. Launchpad aims to discover more quality projects for users and gain opportunities to participate in the projects at their early stages and receive rewards from airdrops. By partnering with BitKeep, projects are able to reach users on both platforms, further maximizing their exposure and potential.

Commenting on the launch, Bitget’s Chief Marketing Officer, Yvonne Tee said, “Despite many parts of the world adapting to a new normal since the pandemic began in 2020, the crypto space has continued to flourish in the past twelve months. We are extremely thrilled to be launching our Launchpad initiative with BitKeep, a leading cryptocurrency wallet in Asia. Looking forward, we will continue to strengthen our commitment to bringing rewarding investment opportunities to our customers while delivering a state-of-the-art experience.”

The first project implemented on Launchpad, Contents Shopper Token (CST), is the utility token of the Contents Shopper Platform, an intellectual property management and transaction platform. Trading for CST/USDT commenced on January 13, 08:00 (UTC).

As such, we’d be delighted to offer you an interview opportunity with Yvonne Tee, Bitget’s Cheif Marketing Officer, or Alex, Director of BitKeep, to discuss further how Launchpad will enable more meaningful projects to propel further in the industry, and how this partnership is poised to deliver a state-of-the-art experience for all users.

For more information on the launch, please refer to the press release attached to the email, the announcement, and visit

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