This is a day in the life of a bookkeeper that will give you an idea of a bookkeeper job description. In here I talk about my daily work from home schedule and go through 2 of my bookkeeping clients’ workload. I show you how I input checks, categorize expenses, record income, and more. Hopefully this will be helpful if you’re a bookkeeper or thinking of starting a bookkeeping business. My other day in the life of a bookkeeper: ❤ My #1 recommended bookkeeper class: Bookkeeper Launch Free Class Series: Bookkeeper Launch (Affiliate link): Please SUBSCRIBE! Hit the BELL 🔔 icon to be notified of my new videos each week (after you’ve subscribed, the bell is next to the subscribe button) ➡ My website: ➡ Facebook: My top video: How to start a bookkeeping business CHECKLIST download: How to start a bookkeeping business VIDEO: ▶ What to watch next: Playlist for bookkeepers: FREE bookkeeper certification: ProAdvisor TEST TIPS for Quickbooks Online: How much to charge: How many clients to earn 100K? Bookkeeper Q&A: Minimalist bookkeeping: Time off for bookkeepers: How I run my bookkeeping business: How to start a bookkeeping business: Day in the life of a bookkeeper: Bookkeeper FAQs: COST to start a bookkeeping business? Why I became a bookkeeper: What does a bookkeeper do? Bookkeeper certification? Bookkeeper interview: Creative childcare: Rock your next interview: #bookkeeper #finepoints #qbo

21 Replies to “Bookkeeper DAY IN THE LIFE (bookkeeping job description)”

    1. It’s not enough. I went that route. I’m currently signing up for school to learn bookkeeping again. It’s going to take 2 years to get my degree

  1. How much do you charge to do yearly books for small businesses?

    Thanks and please don’t stop . This is helpful.

  2. Thank you so much for these videos! I am currently a bookkeeper at a firm but thinking of doing this on the side for a small client. Do you have an Instagram or email where I could connect with you to pick your brain on going out on your own? Thanks again

  3. I’m interested in becoming a bookkeeper, so being a newbie and no experience or certificate/diploma what would you suggest I do yo start off ? Is coursera a good way of starting off with certificates ?

  4. I like that you help facilitate people who would be better off doing their own books at their current point. It’s not only morally current (imo) but would definitely make them more likely to come back to you when they grow beyond what the owner can manage because they already know you have their best interest in mind.

  5. How much do you pay for quick books? Is it monthly or yearly payment. Also if you have one quick books account, you can add multiple companies into your account?

    1. If you use QBO Accountant version it’s set up for you to manage each of your clients within the dashboard. You log in with your name and you see each of your clients listed there. They can also have their own logins (to just see their own company). QBOA is “free” for you, but each client will need to pay for their QB subscription at whichever level they choose (plus, advanced, etc). You can also choose to roll your clients QBO fee into what you charge them (as you can get their subscription discounted by using the accountant version). Morgan talks more about it in this video: -Gabe (FinePoints Admin)

  6. I was told that you need to be an accountant first in order to be a bookkeeper, is this true? because I am not interested in going back to college, it’s way too expensive.

    1. You do not need any certifications to be a bookkeeper, nor do you need to be an accountant. Some accountants choose to add bookkeeping to their services, but not a requirement to be an accountant. Hope that helps! -Gabe (FinePoints Admin)

  7. Thank you! This video explained a lot for me. I work a 40 hour week and want to pick up bookkeeping as a side gig to support my family. I also want the experience as I’m working towards my bachelors degree. Sounds accomplishable now!

    1. Sounds like you are taking all the right steps! So glad this video helped you out 🙂 -Gabe (FinePoints Admin)

  8. Thanks for your video it’s very nice, I’m training to be a bookkeeper, I’m subscribed to you now. Thank you 😊 your nice

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