Clay pigeon shooting is one of the most underrated activities in the UK. With many people aware only about the basics of the sport, they often struggle during their shooting session to successfully hit the target.

Be it an amateur or a pro, everybody makes mistakes and an intense clay pigeon shooting session is no exception. Most of the errors boil down to one thing – lack of awareness or information.

While the sport is indeed popular, there are many who might not be aware of the different things they need to know about when aiming to hit the clay bird. 

With this in mind, if you’re looking to know more about common clay pigeon shooting mistakes and how to avoid them, we’ve got you covered.

At Avalanche, our experts in clay pigeon shooting know all there is to know about this sport. We’ve put together a short list of clay pigeon shooting mistakes and a few ways you can overcome them.

So without further ado, let’s take a look!

1. Improper Body And Foot Position

Clay Pigeon Shooting Mistakes; a person aiming their rifle in the air

An important clay pigeon shooting mistake that everyone makes is not assuming the right stance while aiming at the target. Body and foot positioning is critical as it can affect or limit your body’s ability to make the shot.

If you rely on your natural point of aim towards the clay pigeon, there are many things that can hinder your chance of making the shot. From running out of room to swing the gun to having it too close to your face that makes you lean your body, there are several things that can affect your aim.

Solution – To tackle this, you need to establish a break point and set your feet in a way that lets you comfortably take the shot. Once your feet are set, rotate the body back towards the trap. With this, once the target is pulled, you can freely rotate with your shoulders while remaining parallel to the ground.

2. Shooting Too Soon Or Too Late

A person wearing proper shooting gear, aiming at their target

If you are new to the sport, chances are you’ll get distracted by the sound of the clay pigeon being released from the shooting house; this is something you need to avoid if you wish to hit your target. Our instincts may tell us to turn around and shoot immediately at the sound of the noise.

Or we might get too confident and let the clay pigeon get too far away.

For most of us who are new to the sport, it will take some time to understand the moment we need to aim and shoot at the target to successfully hit it.

However, we may get nervous and end up shooting too soon or too late.

Solution – The pick up point is when you first spot the clay pigeon and the kill point is when you shoot at it. While it may take you a while, with proper focus you can get a better understanding of when the target leaves the shooting house and when you actually need to aim and fire. 

Avoid getting nervous and shooting it as soon as you hear the sound while also avoiding waiting too long. Find the perfect time between both to successfully hit the target. Additionally, practice is key, so make sure you try the sport a couple of times for a better understanding of how to blow your target to smithereens.

3. Having The Wrong Gun Fit

Back shot of a person aiming at a clay pigeon that is mid-air

One of the most common clay pigeon shooting mistakes is having the wrong gun fit. Many of us believe that our aim is off due to something being wrong on our part – be it our stance or the kill timing, we may doubt ourselves.

However, this might not necessarily be the case. If you’re not properly fitted with the gun, your aim will always be off. Be it the absence of rear sight, length of pull, or a long stock, there can be several things that can affect your aim.

Solution – Make sure that when you’re being fitted with the gun, it essentially serves as an extension of your body. You could also try a few different models to see what you’re more comfortable with so that you can proceed with your clay pigeon shooting session.

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Now that you know about the common clay pigeon shooting mistakes, you’re all set to try out the sport!

At Avalanche Adventure, we’re known for our amazing outdoor activities which include clay pigeon shooting amongst other activities. With us, you’re assured a thrilling, fun and safe adventure.

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