Since posting this recycled article, I actually procured a few copies of my first Montbretia that I found growing wild in Montara in the early 1980s, and did so ‘intentionally’. Furthermore, I canned a few copies of the Montbretia that grows in the downtown planter box, just in case I want to put them somewhere else.

Tony Tomeo

P00119 Is this part of the secret to their success?

Montbretia showed up here several years ago. Of course, it did not take long for it to get very established. It is too shady for bloom, but not shady enough to inhibit vegetative proliferation. Those nasty stolons get everywhere, and grow into corms. They are so aggressive that they exclude English ivy! Seriously, they are the only species we know that can crowd out English ivy!

Some consider Montbretia to be the the genus name. Some consider it to be a common name for the genus of Crocosmia, or for a particular intergeneric hybrid. What is now so aggressively naturalized here might be Crocosmia paniculata. I really do not know. The few rare and sporadic blooms look like what I am familiar with in other landscapes, with branched inflorescences.

Now, I am aware of how aggressive their stolons are…

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