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Los Angeles-based artist and songwriter Courtney Paige Nelson revealed their first single this year with the release of “1-800-BROKE MY HEART,” a concussive pop track that shudders with hard truths and betrayal. After releasing her debut Fever Dream EP last year she’s kept her foot on the gas. Releasing a series of explosive anthems that split the difference between her love of frayed electronica, oscillating beats, and penning veracious confessionals.


With “1-800-BROKE MY HEART” she dives right into ground zero of a shattered love. Drawing once more on her own visceral experiences, the song traces the rough period Nelson endured in the aftermath of discovering her ex was cheating on her. Looking for a way to reclaim some of that narrative for herself she decided to do what she does best: write a song about it. The result is a combustive anthem that should invigorate anyone feeling hoodwinked by love and a false relationship/situationship.


Against the revolving drop of harsh beats, Nelson rewrites the story with her own words. “Say I’m a bitch / For what I did,” she bites. “Your twisted story is boring.” The track also provides a healthier alternative in comparison to your typical break-up track — with Nelson making it emphatically clear with every punctuated bass hit that she’s better off without such a toxic lier in her life. “I could’ve wrote a love song to make you sound better than this,” Nelson sings, highlighting exactly what her ex screwed up by cheating: both their relationship and their own image.

“I wanted to be as vulnerable as possible when writing this song, so when it’s released I felt like I was relieved instead of feeling like I should’ve been more open,” Nelson explained. “There was a lot of this story that I think many can relate to as a breakup/situationship anthem.

I say anthem because I want it to empower people, not make them dwell on negative emotions with whatever they are going through. There’s so many sad songs in the world, and I love me a good sad song. But this time I needed something to yell driving down the freeway with my middle finger in the air.”

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From the beginning, Nelson’s pursuit of music has centered around an ardent passion for creation and a desire to be exceptionally open about her own struggles. Originally from San Francisco, she was kicked out of her home at 17 years old and has been fighting ever since to carve out a niche for herself. Be sure to check out some of her prior singles like “Bury It” and “Sick for You.”

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Words by Steven Ward

Listen to “1 -800 – BROKE MY HEART” the new single from Courtney Paige Nelson below!

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