Why not keep your Bookkeeping records in a simple Excel Spreadsheet. In this video I will create an easy to use Bookkeeping Spreadsheet that you can both expand and adapt to your specific business requirements. Created using the Excel Table tool, the finished Excel template incorporates a ‘drop down list box’ to select data and uses Excels filtering tool for you to ‘drill down’ into your data. As usual I will provide a link for you to obtain a copy of the finished product. Please use the YouTube messaging facility if you have a questions.

29 Replies to “Create a Bookkeeping Spreadsheet in Excel in 10 minutes”

  1. Thanks for this and I’ve created my own to suit what I needed. However are you able to advise how I can add in monthly bank account reconciliations please? I’ve tried to add in monthly withdrawals minus deposits to get a monthly balance but it doesn’t seem to be working.

  2. Hi, my list of types dont want to save, there is a notification that reads “the list source must be a bdelimeted list, or a reference to single row or colum” please csn you help? Thanks

  3. OH My your videos are so great… Helping my hubby keep up with all his invoices and payments.. Thank you 😊

    1. @Mr.SpreadSheet Thank you for your response I found out that excel online does not support the Define name under the Formulas Ribbon.

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