If you are looking for a creative agency in New York City, you’ve come to the right place. Sideways Interactive has a reputation for helping brands achieve their business goals through their creative strategies. They specialize in mobile apps and web applications and guide their clients through the concept and development phases. Developed natively, the apps they create will work seamlessly on all devices. They have carved a niche for themselves in the hospitality industry, where they’ve created over 40 social communities and helped brands communicate with their customers across multiple platforms. Their work has helped generate over 70 million dollars in booking revenue for their clients.

Crafted is a creative agency

Crafted is a full-service digital creative agency in New York City that creates identity and builds brands through the power of digital experiences. The agency’s philosophy is to collaborate with clients, solving their business challenges and boosting visibility. Their approach is collaborative, innovative and results-driven, and their work is widely praised.

Crafted specializes in lifestyle, fashion and beauty industries. The agency was founded by Carol Han, who spent several years in the fashion industry. The agency offers expertise throughout each project. It has worked with companies including Thakoon, Paul Mitchell, Sixty Hotels, French Connection, Hartmann, and more. Their work has helped clients develop clear brand identities and strategies.

Crafted is a creative agency in NYC that offers branding, design, and advertising services. It also offers app development services, helping clients take their products to the next level. Its developers create apps natively, ensuring perfect functionality across all devices. The agency has established a strong presence in the hospitality industry, helping clients launch and manage multiple social communities. Their work has led to over 70 million dollars in booking revenue for their clients.

Ready Set Rocket is a digital marketing agency

Ready Set Rocket is a digital marketing agency based in New York City that helps businesses engage with consumers using innovative multi-channel experiences. They work with a variety of industries, including fashion and retail, entertainment, and finance. The agency also offers a sales partner program for agencies looking to grow. This program offers special deals and recurring cash inflow.

As an intern at Ready Set Rocket, you will get the chance to gain hands-on experience working with expert teams. You’ll get to learn about cutting-edge technology and analytics, while helping out with various marketing tasks. The agency is located in New York City and works with some of the world’s most innovative brands to build unique and lasting relationships with consumers.

Starfish is a full-service advertising agency

Based in the Flatiron district of New York City, Starfish is a full-service advertising and marketing consulting firm. Its team includes strategists, project managers, designers, and copywriters. Their goal is to help clients develop a comprehensive brand experience.

In addition to providing advertising services, Starfish provides content marketing, SEO, and social media management. They have a team of over 23 people, and are a great option for businesses seeking help with marketing strategy and branding. Additionally, Starfish has a sister company, Colormatics, in Jersey City. It specializes in video production, content marketing, and SEO, and provides a wide range of services.

A key strength of Starfish is its ability to build trust and create memorable customer experiences. From developing brand strategies to defining the customer journey, Starfish’s brand consultants help clients reach their goals and exceed their expectations. The agency is dedicated to meeting the granular needs of each project, while advising corporate leadership on strategic brand decisions. Its team has the expertise to make sure that the brand experience is seamless from beginning to end.

Starfish is a full-service advertising and branding agency in New York City that has been in business for almost 20 years. It competes with the giants of the advertising industry with an innovative approach to brand experience. Founder David Kessler saw an opportunity to create an advertising agency unlike the others, one that specialized in creating integrated brand experiences.

Sid Lee is a branding company

Sid Lee is a creative and branding agency in New York City that provides a wide range of services. These include design and branding, digital solutions, and architecture and retail. It also offers analytics and social media solutions. The team at Sid Lee is led by Robbie Izar, who previously served as the head of copy for Unilever North America’s social channels.

The agency recently expanded its social and creative teams. It also emphasized building trusted relationships with clients. To that end, it promoted Melissa Spano to head of client partnerships. She brings over 20 years of experience in client partnerships and will oversee the agency’s key client relationships.

Sid Lee is an innovative and creative agency with offices in New York City, Montreal, Toronto, and Paris. Its team of more than 550 professionals creates consumer experiences by leveraging true interdisciplinary collaboration. The agency offers services across advertising, branding, digital strategy, architecture and retail design, entertainment, and social media. Sid Lee has earned a global reputation for its innovative work and solid results for many of its top-tier clients.

When creating a brand, Sid Lee recognizes that connection is the key to creativity. It uses Slack to unlock employees’ potential and deliver incredible experiences for clients. The service also helps companies reduce costs and increase security while maximizing productivity in an age of remote work.

Code and Theory is a design studio

Located on the 62nd floor of the One World Trade Center, Code and Theory has great views of the city. Its design aims to create a balance between a professional setting and a relaxed environment, encouraging friendly collaboration among employees. Floor-to-ceiling windows offer employees the opportunity to take in the sights while still being able to get work done in peace.

The New York-based studio works across a variety of mediums, including digital, print, and interactive. Its creative team specializes in integrating content and social media into the design and development of brands. The studio is comprised of over one thousand designers, technologists, and strategists. Their work can range from entertainment and lifestyle brands to health and wellness organizations.

In addition to creating content-driven campaigns and editorial sites, Code and Theory has experience creating websites for leading brands. Recently, the studio was retained to redesign the website for NBC News, one of the world’s oldest and largest publishers. In doing so, the studio reinvented the digital ecosystem for NBC News, starting from the editorial workflow to the design and development process.

Code and Theory is actively seeking talented individuals who can contribute to their team. The company has more than a thousand team members who have backgrounds in design, strategy, content creation, and analysis. The team members are spread across the United States, Europe, and Asia.

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