Stray dogs bark all night long, so breakfast is eaten slump style. But we have good news, Tosh is feeling much better and his grumpy mood has passed. Waggy tails and a morning wiggle dance brings the household back to life. My belly is feeling much better too, so that just leaves Craig, Mac and Vin to get their act together.

motorhome travel turkey Edremit

We jump start Vin again and hug the coast road until we arrive at the busy town of Ayvalık. It is an attractive place with a palm tree lined waterfront and handful of waterfront restaurants. The tiny cobbled streets that wander towards the hills have a different feel. They feel more Greek than Turkish with horse drawn carts and barrels of freshly picked olives.

Craig takes a right turn and before I know it we are heading up into the forested hills. Its a steep climb to the village of Adatepe and Zeus chair but sadly, the road side parking is full. More and more cars are arrive by the minute and the village is gridlocked. We are left with no option to turn around and leave.

It was well after twelve when we reach the Bay of Edremit. I was starving and weary and the fridge was empty. The cafes around the centre of town were in a sorry state, offering what looked like burnt left overs from the summer. One snack bar looked half decent but with the towns population of stray dogs salivating for a seat, we opted to go hungry. Dejected we head to the coast road when we spot a rare sign. A Mac Donalds. Its been nearly 3 months since we had any western food and we can’t resist. We zoom over and tuck in to a Big Mac meal and at £2, it feels like a good bargain.

Edremit Bay is quite a busy place but still no commercial garages, so we press on. Winding sinuously around rugged coastal roads hugging the sea. It is breathtakingly scenic with minimal traffic and stunning views at every turn. The glistening turquoise waters, lush forested headlands and rugged cliffs make the area an attractive place. Thankfully, the majority of agricultural land is not fit for construction, so very little development. Plenty small farms and perfect pitched allotments. Though the condition of these tarmac roads is good, they are quite narrow and very windy, so pace of travel is slow.

Our patience to find a good spot is rewarded well when we drop down on to a tiny bay. Just us and four little abandoned puppies, who welcome us in a flash. Mac n Tosh are quite taken by the little blonde girl and they both do their utmost to impress. Tosh is the favourite and poor Mac is soon pawed away to play with the three black pups. After our evening meal we cook a huge pan of pasta and share with the pups. It looks like the first meal in days.

Our Bumble parking spot at Assos GPS position N039.502475, E026.406194

At dusk, we sit outside with a nice cool beer and light a campfire. The sea if calm and like a mirror, reflecting a huge golden sunset. We finally relax and enjoy the evening

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