This has been a mixed year for comedy and me. I’ve seen some fantastic acts and as always, it’s great to see acts’ progress. I missed a lot of gigs due to having an accident and not being able to get out and about. It’s hard to laugh when it hurts to move.

Highlights of the year

Three gigs have stood out as being exceptional.

The New Barrack Tavern, with Ian Allerston, Okse, Chris Yates, Jon Pearson (new material), Sean Heydon and Anthony Williams (MC). The NBT is a stupendous gig and Kev and Stephanie go out of their way to make it so. This was a fantastic night with a great mix of acts on the bill. As I’ve only seen Anthony compere for the last year or so (very well, too), I’d love to see him doing material, as I feel he’s progressed a lot since I last saw him doing a ten or more.

Ashby, with Ignacio Lopez, Sean Heydon and Phil Nichol. Three top notch acts and all at the top of their game. There were no weak links on this bill and Sean doing the trick where he gets his volunteer to Facetime someone was amazing.

Seeing the UK Pun Off live at the Nottingham Comedy Festival. This is a great format and everyone was really up for it. Iain MacDonald is an act I admire, but seldom see, as he’s up in Scotland, so this was a real treat.

Individually this was a fantastic performance:

Kevin Daniel smashing a middle spot at a pro gig that hard, there were calls for an encore.

Gary Hyland’s work nicknames routine is fantastic and a real highlight to a show.

Downer of the year

The demise of Bluey’s. This was a cracking gig that came back after an hiatus, only to be forced to end again, due to shenanigans at the brewery end of things. This was a massive shame, as the landlord and his missus were well up for comedy.

There was also a very challenging gig in Nottingham, where the bar manager sabotaged his own night by interrupting all of the acts. I’d have loved to have called in an air strike on the entire place. Tom King barricading a woman in the toilets was possibly one of the most normal things of that night.

Predictions for 2023

These acts will all progress this year. They all either work hard or have that something extra that will take them that bit further:

Chris Yates, Dan Lythe, Dawn Bailey, Dom Hatton-Woods, Doug Carter, Eddy Midgley, Emily Webster, Jake Steers, Jack McLean, Kevin Daniel, Kevin McDonnell, Louie Green, Louis Etienne, Mike Carter, Tal Davies,


I can imagine all of these breaking through this coming year. They’re all solid acts, but aren’t as well known as they should be. It’s not hard to see that changing by the end of the year.

Charlotte Cropper – fairly new, but with rock solid performance skills and good writing. She should go far.

Jacob Nussey – now that he’s finishing his full time job, he has the chance to put his skills to work. If he doesn’t end 2023 making a viable living from comedy, then I’ll be surprised.

Jonny Brook – has a real eye for the funny and sells it well. He’ll do well.

Sean Heydon – a pro level act who is amazingly talented, but nowhere near as well known as what you’d expect from someone so good.

Ricky Balshaw – talented and working hard. There’s no reason why Balshaw shouldn’t make the most of 2023.


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