A viral video of a woman losing her mind after her boyfriend breaks up with her on an American Airlines flight is a tragic story in itself, but leaves me wondering breaking up on an airplane is smart or stupid.

Man Dumps Girlfriend On American Airlines Flight, Leading To Meltdown and Removal

There’s a pandemic-era video floating around social media of a woman having a meltdown on an airplane. According to the video description, the meltdown occurred after her boyfriend dumped her…after boarding an American Airlines flight.

The poor woman, and I really think we do have to feel bad for her, does not take the news well. IN fact, she screams, curses, and screams some more.

Here’s a video of the incident, which is NSFW because of her f-bomb:


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Tragic, no?

Breaking Up On An Airplane: Smart Or Stupid?

As Jeremy from C Boarding Group notes, “There’s an art and science to the breakup.” I look back on my life and grimace…I’m sure you have your breakup stories as well. While texting and then blocking or ghosting may be the preferred course of action of the younger generations, my first reaction was that breaking up on an airplane is smart if you’re dealing with an unpredictable partner.

Think about it: if your partner gets angry, curses, throw things, or even gets physical, isn’t a plane a perfect place to break up?

It’s more personal than a text but the reality of being confined in a metal tube with hundreds of strangers may act as a controlling force that prevents the sort of reaction that is feared (and perhaps the reaction that underlies the break-up itself).

On the other hand, airplanes do something to people…as we cover often on Live And Let’s Fly.

Throw in the added anxiety of being confined in a metal tube (and God forbid alcohol or drugs) and what might be a messy situation could escalate into a much worse one.

Plus, even if the breakup goes all right onboard and even if you change seats so you do not have to sit next to your ex, there’s still a chance for revenge when you land.

Still, I’m on team break-up in the air.


A video has gone viral of a woman unable to handle her boyfriend breaking up with her on an American Airlines flight. It’s a tragic video, but I still think breaking up on airplane is not a bad idea if it has to happen.

Do you think it is appropriate to dissolve a relationship on a flight?

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