In this installment of Off Script Joel loses his SyFy virginity to one of Jason’s favorite new creature features, Mega Piranha, starring Tiffany and Barry Williams. This cinematic showdown has been brewing for a long time. Jason’s love of cheesey creature feature B movies and Joel’s love of making fun of Jason. Who will prevail? Listen in to hear for yourself.

After the cheese-fest the boys also talk about a couple of new trailers including R.I.P.D. and this past weekend’s Michael Bay flick Pain & Gain. They cap it off with a little A.D.D. Top 10 and an attempt to list 10 vehicles as characters in TV or Movies thanks to Jason Pyles of the Movie Podcast Weekly. Can we make the list in 3:00 minutes?

Can we even get through half of the list? Can Airwolf really be considered a character?

NOTE: Don’t forget to send in your guesses from last episode’s CND Theater.

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Mega Piranha 


Pain & Gain (Danger: Red Band Trailer)


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