2015 SFFIn this episode of Forgotten Flix, Joel, Darrell, and Peter are remembering Once Bitten (1985)!

Synopsis: We’ve finally moved away from the small towns and find ourselves vamping it up in Los Angeles for tonight’s bloodsucking delight. I suppose we’ve also moved away from more serious horror fare.

At least, for the time being anyway.

That’s because this fangs and folly flick falls squarely in the comedy/horror camp.

It tells the tale of a virginal teenage boy who, after meeting the ultimate cougar while at a nightclub, finds himself wearing cooler clothes, wearing sunglasses at night, and having a general aversion to sunbathing.

And if our hapless hero and his friends don’t do something to end his virginity soon, he’ll be the one doing the biting now that he’s been Once Bitten.

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Once Bitten Trailer


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