Jax’s ECHO Log entry #2: They brought a knife to a gunfight.

We used one of those awful teleportation gadgets today and found ourselves at some sort of mining facility. I almost didn’t make this log because we were so busy, but the others are arguing over whether to open a door so it seems like a good time to take a moment.

Wait… I might have to open a door here…

Nope, somebody is searching for traps. Anyway, have you ever shot a skeleton before? That was a new one for me today. 

We had a lead on that wand and I managed to actually pull off being somewhat quiet and not barge into anything. Found some odd skeleton-looking things discussing something about the benefits of skilled swordsmen. All the while standing over a whole pile of guns. 

I gotta hand it to the crew here, they came up with a great opening. That first skelly didn’t know what was what when that grenade got tossed in, and his buddy that got a 6-foot slashing robot tossed at him? Must be one hell of a way to go.  I tried our old fire-barrel trick, but apparently skeletons shrug off being on fire a little better than your average bandit. It was still a lot of fun!

There is something up with that other hunter, though. She went in blazing and the next thing you know she’s off in the corner hiding by a loot chest.  I mean, loot’s great and all, but… when the bullets are flying you’d think your head would be on your gunsight. Something’s going on there.

Todd went down during the tussle, though, I wasn’t proud of that.

I saw them come right at him and there was nothing I could do. Nothing but stay alive for another shot. Stayed alive we did! Even found some new gear. Going to give it a shot and see what happens.

Other than that strange encounter with some skeletons, mostly it’s just been eerie. Sliding down mining shafts into spooky abandoned rooms. Lots of mining gear just left behind. Tools, mattresses, you name it, just lying around, like everybody took off. And a big warning sign on this door in front of us.

Wait… okay, now I *am* going to be opening this door. I wonder what spooked folks so much? I’ll tell you soon.

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