1) All Cats and dogs should be treated with a veterinarian prescribed flea treatment program.
2) Remove all items except furniture up and off the floor . Don’t forget about closet floors, under beds and shelving.
3) Place the items you’ve picked up off of the floors and place on top of beds, tables and counters, but not on couches or armchairs.
4) Moveable furniture, plants and any items that are up against a wall should be pulled away at least 6 inches.
5) Do your best to vacuum your floors the night before, immediately after the treatment and dispose the vacuum cleaner bag.
6) All people and pets must vacate their suite during the treatment and be out for a minimum of six
hours after completion of the job.

Children under two years of age, expectant and nursing mothers
and people suffering from respiratory ailments are recommended to stay out at least twelve hours.
7) Fish tanks should have their air pumps unplugged, and a wet towel placed over the aquarium.
We will be using the following product(s): Dragnet (0.5% Permethrin; PCP #24175) Precor (1.2% Methoprene; PCP # 21573)

Opening windows will help to ventilate. Contact us anytime.

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