Singapore-based HOKK Finance (HOKKFi), a top-tier meme token, announces the release of HOKK Premium, an Ethereum aggregator, and releases 4444 utility NFTs that will enable collectors to access the HOKKFi portal. This comes after the entity transformed from a utility meme tokens that peaked at an US$800M market cap in May 2021, to a powerful decentralised finance (DeFi) cryptocurrency brand.

HOKK Finance’s NFTs will open users up into HOKKFi, a crypto portal where investors will enter and access their own crypto wallet, a launchpad for promising DeFi projects, and HOKK Premium, amongst several other products.

HOKKFi Utility NFTs

Launching this January is HOKK Finance’s collection of utility NFTs (10 January 2022) and its governance token $TREATS (17 January 2022). The meme token offers a collection of 4444 NFTs that can be utilised on its financial portal HOKKFi, a decentralised ecosystem with products and services that replicate legacy finance for the next generation of crypto fans.

The HOKK Finance NFTs, are minted at the cost of 0.04 ETH per NFT and will be gradually upgraded to contain more features based on its modular contract framework. The team intends to grow with regulatory and adoption changes, where the laws may change so that a single minted NFT could consist of features that replicate traditional banking solutions and services (stocks, bonds, loans and contracts) in the long run.

Mark Basa, Global Brand and Business Manager at HOKK Finance, believes that creating utility NFTs before complete market adoption takes place over the next decade, gives collectors the opportunity to own what could potentially be a game-changing future digital asset.

‘’Currently, due to lack of regulation and adoption, these NFTs are not offered as a security or investment vehicle, nor should they be considered to replicate any. The facilities offered can’t be treated or defined as securities under the current legal framework. This means that as various entities gradually catch up, we see this as an enormous opportunity for our NFTs, where we have built the utility that coincides with the legal framework that currently exists today. We hope that as time goes by, we will improve and upgrade our NFTs so owners have complete and total empowerment of their crypto assets.’’

In line with this launch, HOKK Finance aims to develop a decentralized product to its full extent by introducing a commemorative NFT mint. This mint will serve as a stepping stone in liquidity, locking in ETH and providing each individual utility-driven NFTs through HOKK ecosystem interactions.

HOKK Premium

HOKK Premium will be launched under the HOKKFi umbrella, on 31 January 2022, as an aggregator that enables users to place ETH capital into a smart contract that will send crypto to aggregator contracts to be lent out for continuous yield.

With the aim to empower users to choose preset lockup periods, individuals will be able to view their initial ETH contributions, the annual percentage yield (APY), the portion of ETH in the total pool and their current yield. The aggregator will also issue estimations of their monthly yield that will be periodically claimed by the new contract and converted into stable tokens to preserve its value.

The launch sees HOKK Finance take a bold step into the nascent DeFi space by creating products that challenge traditional banking. These are just a few of the products that HOKK Finance will deliver, representing a bold and innovative step towards being the leading DeFi 2.0 player with a fun meme token brand.

Mark Basa, Global Brand and Business Manager at HOKK Finance, explains how HOKK Premium will heighten the potential for $HOKK token holders to have complete control over how they send and spend their crypto.

“With HOKK Premium, the aggregator will enable users to do more than just purchase and hold a token with their crypto. We want to attract people who are less familiar with crypto, which we can achieve through the brand equity we’ve built around our meme token. At this stage, we’re ready for the next decade of mainstream global crypto adoption that will be led by Ethereum.”

HOKK Finance is in the process of developing a Meme-Utility® that intends to make ETH exciting for users to work with the token. With ETH’s strong forecast ahead, HOKKFi is looking to garner massive demand for HOKK Premium as institutions increasingly invest in Ethereum. Once HOKK Premium is ready, the brand will be ready to approach private equity funds, family offices, and other capital groups, that have not yet fully embraced crypto, but want a de-risked way of experimenting with what staking ETH can do for their clients.

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