How to START a BOOKKEEPING business in 2021: ultimate guide! Step-by-step & free checklist download

How to start a bookkeeping business 2021: ultimate guide! I teach you step-by-step how to start bookkeeping (which is consistently named among the most profitable at-home start up businesses to run). With very little start-up cost and high earning potential, bookkeeping is a great side hustle or full-time job. I describe how to create your LLC, register your small business with the state, open a business bank account, learn bookkeeping, market yourself to clients, and more.

0:00 Set up your business
5:13 Learn bookkeeping
9:05 Marketing
13:31 Ongoing

Checklist: Start a bookkeeping business

Free masterclass: Is bookkeeping right for me?
Bookkeeper Business Coach:
Bookkeeper Launch:
Bookkeeper Launch free series:

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Learn bookkeeping:
What does a bookkeeper do?
Day in the life playlist:
Free bookkeeper certification:
Bookkeeper launch video:
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Big, medium & small clients: (live on 1/14)
Charge more (pricing tips):
Marketing (get your first client this week):
Bookkeeper’s guide to taxes:

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28 thoughts on “How to START a BOOKKEEPING business in 2021: ultimate guide! Step-by-step & free checklist download

    1. @Frank Ayala I definitely understand! I still feel like that in some ways, but just take it one day (or client) at a time. You can learn anything.

    1. Are you in the U.S? If you register your business as an LLC, you can obtain an EIN (essentially like a SSN for business), and you need an EIN in order to open a business bank account and such. We can’t really give you legal advice, though, so we recommend reaching out to an accountant or lawyer to get that specific question answered. -Gabe (FinePoints Admin)

  1. i need real life case studies to practice on the accounting software, any recommendations? people learn best through case studies

  2. Can you work as a bookkeeper in the evenings or does bookkeeping require you to work during the day?

    1. If you own your own bookkeeping business, you can work the hours you’d like! It’s mostly remote and very little in-person or over-the-phone interaction with your clients. Those meetings would need to be scheduled when works for both of you. -Gabe (FinePoints Admin)

  3. Hi I am in a qualified ACCA and want to register Accounting, Book keeping firm in UK. Kindly guide me steps the requirements.

    1. You will want to check with your country’s registration guidelines for all the rules and requirements. -Gabe (FinePoints Admin)

  4. I am enjoying your videos. I am learning how to become a bookkeeper but I mainly interested in opening a business in which I hire a few bookkeepers to pair up and match with clients. Maybe even some for temp work. Are their any videos on that or any tips I can find?

    1. Morgan doesn’t have any videos on adding a team quite yet, but that’s a great idea for future content! -Gabe (FinePoints Admin)

  5. HI Morgan, have you ever heard of the National Association of Certified Bookkeepers?? What are your thoughts??

  6. The National Association of Certified Public Bookkeepers (NACPB) administers CPB certification and The American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB) offers a CB certification. Do you suggest anyone of this certification for better exposure.?

  7. $40/hr seems super high for someone just starting out. Is that actually standard? Do people ever balk at that rate?

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