I did mention in an earlier post that they would have this nasi pengilan every week on Friday and yes, we did hop over once again the other day last week for another round (RM15.00, with a complimentary drink)…

Once again, it was very good, very much to our liking and satisfaction and yes, as they had promised, they made sure that they had different items in the platter this time around.

The ayam masak merah

…was very good but personally, I am not so into masak merah anything. Gimme our Sarawak’s own daging masak hitam

…anytime and yes, I must say theirs was very good, better than many of the rest. However, even though this was very nice too, personally, I would prefer the curry and the kurma that they had in the set last week.

I loved the pajeri nenas

…though and yes, theirs, if compared with all the rest all over town, would win hands down just that I was wishing the whole time that they had been a bit more generous with it, the same thing with the salted fish pickle…

…that we enjoyed so much the last time. It looked like they had given even less this round!

The rice…

…was even nicer this time, more flavourful, a lot more fragrant and tastier.

My missus had what I had but my girl wanted something different for a change. She tried their nasi goreng pattaya (RM11.00)…

…but she found the rice a little on the hard side…

…so she did not finish it. As for her drink, she had their teh tarek ais (RM4.00).

And now the question is: Will we be going back for more next week? I’m afraid the answer is no because we would want to go back to our usual no-meat Friday, now that Chinese New Year and everything is over and the season of Lent will begin soon on Ash Wednesday, February 22nd, a day of fasting and abstinence.

I was delighted that day to see my favourite busker (the girl in a wheelchair) there entertaining the lunchtime crowd.

She probably read my blogpost the last time because when she saw me, she started playing Teresa Teng’s “Yeh liang tai piao woe ti sing” right away and of course, I went and gave her an ang pao…and she said Kong Hee Fatt Choi. She sang a lot of English songs while we were there, enjoying our lunch and the music – my favourite, of course, was this favourite song of mine by Adele/Bruno Mars. Well, in the words of William Shakespeare, “If music be the food of love, play on!

MAT LAKSA (2.308351, 111.820696)…

…is located at No. 67 & 69, Jalan Kuda 2, Kampung Nangka, right across from Cabe Ijo in the next block, both facing the main entrance of Bisonte Grocer & Deli.

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