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A new Wheel of Fortune is here! 🥰
🔹 5 free tokens at the start;
🔹 Use a token to spin the wheel;
🔹 Buy golden tokens for more spins;
🔹 There are 2 main rewards: one on the wheel field, the other in the event shop.

The main rewards 🎁 are Marseille Cathedral (6×10) and Design Museum from Helsinki (9×6), can be placed at any location, and will drop baubles.

The event is available for players of level 15+.

To be able to spin the Roulette Wheel you need tokens. At the beginning of the event, each player is given 5 free tokens.

The total number of free tokens cannot exceed 10.

If you have Gold Tokens that you didn’t use in a previous Wheel of Fortune event, you will also find them here in this release.

How to get Tokens?
– You can get a free token every 12 hours;
– You can buy tokens with superbucks or real money in the Token Shop.

You can choose which token you want to use: paid or free. By default, the free token is always used first.

You have to click “Spin” to activate the Wheel of Fortune and then you’ll receive a guaranteed prize!

Please note that some prizes can be obtained an unlimited number of times!

Under the prizes, which can be received a limited number of times, you can find information on how much you have already received and how much you can get in total.

Event Store
The event window has an Event store where you can buy items with emeralds that can be obtained in the roulette wheel. The more you spin the wheel the more emeralds and prizes you get!

IMPORTANT: The event store will work 2 more days after the end of the promotion, so you have time to trade in all your emeralds; If you do not trade in your emeralds, they will not turn into useful items, they will just disappear!

Please note the entire store is NOT available at once! The number of available store items depends on the number of spins: the more the number of spins you made the more items to purchase is available to you!

For example, we made 5 spins which means we only have the first section of the store available (section 0).

The second section will be available after 10 spins, the third one – after 25 spins, the fourth – after 40 spins, and the fifth – after 60 spins.

The more spins it takes to open the section, the more valuable items it contains!
The main prizes can be obtained in 2 ways.

Marseille Cathedral: 4200 coins, 2-3 energy, and 1-4 baubles every 24 hours; size 6×10, can be placed everywhere.

You get the building by spinning the Wheel.

Design Museum: 4300 coins, 1-3 energy, and 2-3 baubles every 23 hours; size 9×6, can be placed everywhere. You can buy the building for 225 emeralds after 80 spins of the wheel.

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