DataIQ 100 – 2022

On Wednesday 6th July I attended my first DataIQ event. A small group closed event, by invitation only, and all about networking with C-level business leaders from various industries. These great minds had come together to celebrate some of ‘the most influential people in data’. By contrast, the conferences I normally attend/speak at are all about technology and geeking out the latest cloud innovations. Well not this time.

Set in the beautiful grounds of The Hurlingham Club, London, I found myself amongst a group of data titans (a DataIQ term that I’m stealing 🙂 ). After walking round, I do not mind saying, I quickly felt like a small fish in a much bigger pond.

It was eye opening to say the least. Check out some of the names I was brushing shoulders with on the DataIQ 100 – 2022 list here:

My invitation to the conference came via Accenture as key sponsor and event partner. Myself, the excellent Alan Grogan and other Avanade/Accenture peers sat at the second table with:

  • Ming Tang, chief data and analytics officer, NHS England and NHS Improvement.
  • Lee Fulmer, chief data officer, UBS Investment Bank.
  • Martin Aylward, head of data and CRM, EDF.

Given my recent project engagements, I was most interested in speaking with Lee about the application of a data mesh architecture within the finance sector and how a de-centralised, domain ownership approach could/would/should work in a highly regulated industry. With a little champagne and other “social lubricates” the conversation flowed nicely. Coupled with a fancy 3 course meal. This truly was and is a brilliant forum to network and collaborate.

For anyone passionate about becoming data driven and looking to engage with the community (at all levels) I’d strongly recommend becoming a DataIQ member.

Check out some of the official photos taken by the team in the below.

Many thanks for reading.

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