With Christmas around the corner, getting together the gifts for everyone close to you beforehand is a smart way of staying ahead of your Christmas prep.

However, finding Christmas gifts for the younger ones of your family, especially teens, may be a little tricky to get right.

Finding a relevant gift, something they would enjoy, which also is current and stays true to trends is easier said than done. However, why settle for something standard and mainstream when you can have something unique and different?

If this is something that you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered. At Avalanche, we’ve put together some of our favourite (and thrilling!) Christmas gifts for teens that they’re sure to love.

So without further ado, let’s take a look!

1. An Outdoor Activity Gift Voucher

Christmas gifts for teens; Avalanche's Activity Voucher

There’s one thing every teenager loves and it’s a good adventure. Be it the result of reading numerous books, watching many action movies, or experiencing the different dimensions in gaming, an adventure is something that we all look forward to. 

With Avalanche’s gift voucher, you get to experience just that!

From a fun session of quad biking to our mixed activity day package, there are several amazing sessions you could include and give as part of your Christmas gift. You could narrow down activities that fit well with the teen’s preferences and include those in the voucher. Additionally, to make things more fun, you could join them for this thrilling adventure.

Book your voucher for an action-packed adventure at Avalanche today!

2. A Warner Brothers Studio Tour

Christmas gifts for teens; Hogwarts from the Harry Potter movies

While watching or reading Harry Potter, everyone wishes to experience that magical world. While that may not be possible, why not gift a teen you know, the next best thing?

There are many tour tickets available online that let you be part of the Harry Potter world set up at the Warner Bros studio. With several unique guided tours, you can immerse yourself in the Potter world and enjoy this unique experience.

From stepping into the Great Hall at Hogwarts to visiting Diagon Alley, there are many incredible tours that let you experience JK Rowling’s fantastic, fictional world.

This magical experience, especially with the Christmas ambience all around, will be something they’ll always remember for years to come.

3. Try Out Paintball Painting

Spots of paint on a flat surface

Yes, you read that right. Paintball painting is a unique alternative to the traditional painting experience, which can be something your teen will enjoy. 

The process itself is easy, all you need is a canvas or big sheet of paper ready and throw your paintballs at it to create a beautiful abstract work of art. With an array of colours available, any person can customise their painting according to what they like.

Additionally, if you don’t have paintballs, you can alternatively fill small balloons with paint, attach them to the canvas and throw darts at them. The explosion of paint on the canvas, the mess, and the laughter will be something everyone enjoys. This will make it one of the most unique Christmas gifts for teens. 

4. Concert Tickets For Their Favourite Artist

People enjoying a concert

Let’s face it, concert tickets for our favourite artists is something we love and the same applies to teens as well. 

Everybody enjoys a good concert and when it’s your favourite artist performing, the experience is so much better! Additionally, with so many amazing Christmas concerts and festivals that happen regularly, you could get tickets to a Christmas concert that the teen would enjoy with their friends or family.

You can check the different concerts occurring beforehand and book tickets to give your teen one of the best Christmas gifts of all time. 

Contact Avalanche Adventure For Thrilling Outdoor Activities For Teens

While Christmas gifts may be tricky, these thrilling experiences are something every teen will enjoy. That said, if you’re looking to give them an amazing outdoor activities voucher, Avalanche is the perfect place for you!

At our activity centre, we provide the best outdoor activities that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. From axe throwing and our Lost Explorer experience to Gemini Buggy racing and Off roading, several adventures await you.

Book your slots and vouchers today for a thrilling adventure with us!

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