Clay pigeon shooting always has something new to offer for its polished as well as new shooters. To nail this sport and become a professional shooter though, you have to remember one mantra – Look, Aim, Wait, Focus and Fire!  

Sure, it might feel a little daunting at first, especially for the beginners out there to pick up a gun and start shooting. However, to help you overcome these worries, we at Avalanche Adventure strive to make this sport as easy as possible while keeping in mind the responsibility of the safety of our adventurers. 

We therefore ensure that all the activities that we host provide maximum safety, and let you know the basic tips that you can do on your end to experience a fun yet safe shooting session

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the many clay pigeon shooting safety tips for you. 

1. Protect Your Eyes

Clay pigeon shooting safety tips; A man ready to shoot with his head resting on a tree branch.

When you think about clay pigeon shooting safety tips, the most obvious one is to take care of your gun. However, you should give equal attention to the other aspects too, like protecting your eyes while shooting. 

At Avalanche Adventure, we care for your safety and hence have got it covered! 

At our activity centre, we have a myriad of different lenses for you to choose from and all the other necessities required to protect you while you enjoy this thrilling experience

2. Protect Your Ears

Clay pigeon shooting safety tips; smoke coming out from one part of rifle reflecting the intensity of sound while shooting.

Just like how crucial it is to protect your eyes, it is also important to protect your ears. This is because the rifles are extremely loud. Put simply, while you’re shooting, you have to be up close to them and hence, you become vulnerable to this loud noise. 

Moreover, anything above 85 decibels (dB) can potentially damage your ears and a rifle reaches a volume up to 156 dB. This means you must use high-quality headphones while indulging in this activity.

3. Wear Proper Footwear 

A person standing in formal shoes with the end of the gun resting on the ground.

While shooting, you might or might not be walking across grassy fields and moors. Either way, you should make sure your shoes are sturdy enough to avoid any slips and trips. 

Additionally, your shoes should have proper grip and fiction to position you right when you are about to fire. This is important because you might misfire if you stumble on your ground which is likely to happen as the gun releases pressure into your arms. 

Lastly, remember to wear shoes that you’re comfortable in and ensure that they don’t prevent you from having fun; after all, you wouldn’t want to feel left out while your friends and family are enjoying their time in our arena all day! 

4. Do Not Drink

Clay pigeon shooting safety tips; A woman enjoying a glass of wine on a sunny day.

Under no circumstances should you consume alcohol before entering the clay pigeon shooting arena. When you are drunk, naturally you’ll lose the required focus in this activity. 

That said, consider this as a 101 in the list of our clay pigeon shooting safety tips because standing on the shooting ground drunk is not only risky for you but for the people around you as well. 

5. Never Point the Gun 

A man directly pointing his gun at the camera.

Clay pigeon shooting or any other thrilling activities provided by us promises an unforgettable experience every time you’re at our activity centre. You can and should feel the excitement and show it to your colleagues or friends too. 

However, what we’re getting at is that while fun is an essential part of this experience, you should not forget to be responsible. 

There are chances to get consumed by excitement and you might end up pointing the gun at your partner to funnily act like you caught them, but you shouldn’t do that, even when the gun is not loaded. 

Accidents are inevitable, but do your bit and reduce them by acting sensibly.  

To Sum Up… 

Outdoor activities are like a breath of fresh air and while you’re breathing that air, it makes your heart beat race in the fastest way possible. 

Whether it’s your friends, family or work colleagues, our services can become a medium for great team-building while giving you memories that will last a lifetime.

However, safety while performing these activities should not be overlooked at any point in time. The above-mentioned safety tips are some of the many that you can take into account while you enjoy clay pigeon shooting.

Experience Clay Pigeon Shooting at Avalanche Adventure

If you have signed up at Avalanche Adventure, individually or for a team-building activity, rest assured that you will be provided with everything required for the same. 

We also make sure to give you the best quality material and services because our team of experts understand the importance of your safety. 

After taking these safety precautions into account, we ensure that we’re fulfilling the primary motive of letting you have fun whilst making a memorable day with us. 

If you’re ready to make the most of your day, contact Avalanche Adventure on 01858 880 613 and book your slots today!

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