Two separate parts to this post. The first is an update about how much my bitch is suffering as he comes up to his five month anniversary of – no erections, not even for one second. The second part is something I find very humorous but annoying.

No erections, not even for one second

On 2nd February it will be five months since my puppet had an erection. (Apart from the 30 seconds on 13th November last year, when I brought him off under the sole of my shoe.)

I know I am inviting disagreement with my next statement, (apart from perhaps Ms Christine and her David), when I say my puppet is finding the regimen of no erections – not even for a second, even worse than not having orgasms. It is crystal clear to me that there is some endorphin release in males, and some hormone release of sexually related satisfaction, from simply having an erection.

Conversely this regimen is THE BEST thing I have ever done for my own sexual contentment, (although this may in part be because of just how incredibly my bitch is suffering because of it). Yesterday morning I left my bed and found him doing his BDSMLR chore on the the PC. I was naked apart from my seven inch heeled bedroom platform mules. I apologise to those who have no interest in my life, as I am now going to describe an episode from it.

I pulled some poses, sticking my butt out in his direction while reaching up to the ceiling and stretching, then slowly turning 360 degrees. He dropped from his chair onto his knees, overwhelmed with emotion, and was actually sobbing. He pleaded and pleaded for me to change the no-erection rule. He begged and begged about how many DS days we had had recently during which he had always remained locked in his chastity tube. He whimpered about how many months it had been since he had been hard. He whined how last November I had said I would allow an erection in the new year, and it was nearly February now. I have rarely seen him so very upset and distressed.

He has become fairly philosophical about his current five month minimum of not being allowed an orgasm, (which he is half way through), but he finds it impossible to philosophical about, no erections ever – even for a second. Unfortunately for him, my reaction was a powerful bitchy-power-rush and intense sexual arousal. I laughed at him. “I did not say in the new year bitch, I said next year. That is sometime in 2023. We are only eight percent into 2023 aren’t we.” He burst into more sobbing.

I did not feel guilt, or pity, or sympathy. I told him so.

I do not feel any guilt, or pity, or sympathy bitch. I repeatedly ask you if you want to end my domination of you, or carry on with me dominating you MY WAY, doing whatever the hell I want with you. You always answer carry on. So you deserve all the suffering you get.” He responded with a whine about, please, please, just change this one rule, but increase the severity of everything else as my compensation. I laughed again telling him I can increase the severity of everything else I do to make him suffer, whenever I want.

The depth of his distress had done for me, and I returned to my bedroom and had a huge and noisy orgasm; which he would have heard. This episode along with many other moments, lead me to conclude that my puppet is finding the regimen of, no erections – not even for a second, even worse than not having orgasms. He did not mention orgasms once in the exchange.

Now, I will not be coy, (like so many other Dommes are!) I mentioned above this regimen is THE BEST thing I have ever done for my own sexual contentment. I measure this on vanilla days. I have orgasms on vanilla days, one after the other, (I usually need two), almost every day as a result of my making him put on his chastity tube siting on the floor before me, after he has washed himself under my surveillance. He always begs and begs to be allowed to be erect, just for thirty seconds, and I always say no. He is close to tears quite often as he obeys. The contrast of his utterly sex-free existence for so long now, with my life of numerous huge orgasms five or six days a week, is just so cruel and so arousing. These vanilla day orgasms arrive so quickly and are so powerful, yet I need two to feel satiated.

I am enjoying the best sexual satisfaction of my entire life!

Prudish spell check

Oh my, how prudish is Microsoft spell check! When I am writing my journals on Microsoft word, certain mistypes such as on the words, erection, or vibrator, or bitch, cannot be corrected with spell-check.

My sympathy goes out to those people in the Architectural industry, the concrete industry and the Kennel Club! What a pain it must be for them!

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