First, I would like to wish all numismatists and their friends, family, and loved ones a healthy, happy, and safe new year! I hope the holiday season and start of the year has left you feeling refreshed. Second, I would like to offer a piece of encouragement to all professionals, collectors, beginners, and hobbyists looking to expand upon their skill set, knowledge, and expertise in 2024: the new year presents a great opportunity for a fresh start. While many of us tend to associate new year’s resolutions with fitness and personal finance, these personal goals can also be tailored to our hobbies, careers, and interests—including numismatics. 

Perhaps you have been hesitant to take the first step toward your numismatic aspirations. Or maybe you are searching for creative inspiration to jumpstart a new chapter in your precious metals endeavors. Wherever you may be in your numismatic journey, below are four coin collecting resolutions you can consider adopting and personalizing for yourself this year. 


Resolution: Declutter for Peace of Mind

As winter weather rolls in and we spend more time hibernating inside, consider decluttering your indoor coin collecting spaces. For some, that can look like downsizing a collection’s footprint. By purging spare pieces that do not fit a specific “type set” or “type collection,” you can strategically realign your focus. For example, according to Greysheet, five hypothetical “collections” for American coinage include major U.S. types, major U.S. types and subtypes, 20th-century type set, 19th-century and beyond typeset, and gold type set.

For other individuals, decluttering can call for reorganizing at-home organization systems that no longer function seamlessly. For instance, substitute your alphabetical hierarchical organizational structure for a high-low or low-high-value structure, if applicable. Reevaluate any paper flips, peel-n-seal flips, coin snaps, display slabs, BCW coin tubes, Whitman Folders, or Dansco-Style albums that you use for efficiency. And, if inventorying isn’t realistic, consider outsourcing to banks, professional services, and third-party storage facilities or depositories.


Resolution: Make Connections and Embrace a Sense of Community

As we transition to spring and more of us venture out, prioritize ways to cultivate a support system and like-minded cohort in the numismatic industry to lean on throughout the year. Virtually, you can explore and participate in chat boards via NGC at your leisure. Additionally, there are online collector forums and online social media forums. Coin shows, coin clubs, and coin club directories offer personal and professional networking opportunities, too. 

One week to mark on your spring calendar is National Coin Week. A long-standing tradition that dates back to 1923, this is a heightened time of comradery and connection. The American Numismatic Association initially established the event “to demonstrate that numismatics is an educational and entertaining pursuit,” among other things.


Resolution: Experience the Excitement of the Industry In Person

The warmer months — a time of the year that inspires many to travel cross-country and internationally — are a chance for many to attend new or annual in-person events. To curate a list of events that pique your interest, utilize resources like Greysheet’s event calendars. When doing so, key considerations may include your job’s paid time off (PTO) or vacation policy if you are not currently retired. 

Furthermore, it’s important to assess your budget. Consider what funds you might have available for travel expenses, including meals, gas, airfare, and lodging. On a related note, while driving is convenient, it’s not always feasible. Fortunately, many have flown with valuable and rare coins before, so there are plenty of tips about how to get coins through X-ray machines, TSA agents, and boarding.

Beyond industry events — which may not fit everyone’s interests or schedules — numismatists might also consider visiting mints that offer public tours, such as the U.S. Mint. At both its Philadelphia and Denver locations, free tours in self-guided and group formats are available. 


Resolution: Recommit to Growing Your Knowledge

As the leaves fall once again, make a point to sit back, relax, and learn more about mementos you already own or might be considering for your hoard. For example, set a goal to read up on one new piece a week. Or consider carving out time to listen to five minutes of a podcast in the morning or at night.

Here on my blog, I frequently spotlight specific products that you may be curious about, such as the Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin, the Saint Gaudens Double Eagle Gold Coin, and Indian Head Gold Coins. For future reference, it may be helpful to keep a physical or digital journal, log, or key for these collectibles. For collectibles you already possess, you could record what president these pieces were produced under or research hidden security features you’ve never noticed before. For pieces on your wishlist, jot down specifications you might want to remember, such as size, purity, strike, composition, weight, denomination, thickness, grades, and diameter. 

Our Resolution to You

At Rosland Capital, we look forward to continuing to provide you with high-quality customer service and knowledgeable sales representatives in 2024 and beyond. For further product descriptions and photos of our gold, silver, platinum, and palladium offerings, browse our products page, which includes a multifaceted gallery.

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