SEO for Developers in 100 Seconds

Learn the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) from the perspective of a web developer. Determine the optimal way to structure and render HTML for bots

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Technical overview

00:00 What is SEO
02:01 Create Good Content
03:54 HTML Structure
07:09 Rendering Strategies

#webdev #seo #100SecondsOfCode

My VS Code Theme

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– Fira Code Font

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15 thoughts on “SEO for Developers in 100 Seconds

  1. Brother for high availability, for low latency, for fresh fetch data and finally for heavy loads for both read and write do u believe that ISR will be perfect? Instead of using CSR or SSR?

  2. That’s what I always thought. Don’t focus on these garbage “hacks” and tricks and just create content people actually wanna see.

  3. I have a couple questions. Does Next.JS automatically choose which pages to hybrid render? Or do you have to choose which technique for which page? Also, how often does google go out and recheck your page for SEO? I originally did my site with no SEO and i wanna fix it, but will google only parse it once? Thanks!

  4. Realising that as a home cook and a software developer I have the dark triad skillset for a recipes blog

  5. hello I am looking for a team of programmers specialized in cryptography and blockchain. I have a project idea for an investment company integrated with blockchain and nfts. For more information, please contact me

  6. 1:46 Hey I didn’t know you had a website
    I always wondered where are the full tutorials you talk about. Now I’ve found the treasury it seems.
    I intend to devour your great courses now 🙂 I hope I find enough time and not forget to check out your tutorials while I make time for them.
    You do a great quality job, and thanks for that. Hope you be successful

  7. How does Google know how many links a user clicked on in your site? Do you need to have Google Analytics installed for that?

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