The dome on top also provides climate control, making it the perfect germinating environment for your seedlings. The bio dome also has a built-in watering system that helps to prevent issues like dampening off and fungus.

When it comes to seed starting, one mistake people make is buying cheap seeds and equipment. Having the right seeds and equipment can make a big difference in the germination rate and overall success of your seedlings. The bio dome seed starting system is a high-quality option that is worth investing in.

In fact, when compared to a generic seed starting tray, the bio dome stood up to the test with the help of some farm animals. The bio dome is the clear winner and is sure to provide great results for your seed starting efforts. So, if you’re looking to start your own seeds, be sure to check out the bio dome seed starting system. You won’t be disappointed!

So, download the From Seed to Spoon app and invest in a Park Seed Bio dome today and take the first step in starting your own seeds with ease.

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