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’t believe it’s that time of year again after what seemed like a never-ending Winter. As I keep my clothes in storage, I always take great pleasure in getting my dresses out and seeing all the colours and prints again.

I am always on the lookout for lovely day-dresses as I think they are such a Summer staple. This year there are a plethora of them about but I am finding that a lot of them are made of quite stiff cotton which can swamp you (and be quite hot) if you’re petite like me.

For me, a Summer dress should be floaty and made of a fairly lightweight, natural material preferably in a colourful print. I think it’s important when shopping for dresses that you think about what sort of style you want and to find out what is flattering for your shape. As I am getting older I find I can’t go wrong with a long-sleeved midi-length dress and I know that these will have much more longevity in my wardrobe than a figure-hugging short one.

I still have a terrible obsession with D’Ascoli dresses. I had my eye on this one as soon as they debuted it on their Instagram last year. I adore orange and knew this one would probably not be stocked in the U.K. as generally the few stockists of D’Ascoli here tend to shy away from the really bright, slightly more unusual colours and prints. Lucky for me the lovely Stephanie at Marie & Lola knows how much I love them and usually messages me before she puts her order in so I can put a special request in. She only ordered one other in this colour-way which is now sold-out but has quite a few others to choose from here.

These new dresses are slightly different in style than before, in that they don’t have the split in the middle but have two at the sides instead (I usually wear an XS). I also couldn’t resist a new silk one as they are my absolute favourite. This one I bought from Matches Fashion with a discount code but it is also available directly from The D’Ascoli website where it comes in a few different colours (I have yet to order directly from D’Ascoli myself so am not sure what the experience is like):

I know, it’s slightly ridiculous buying so many of these dresses in the same style but they are just so beautiful; once you own one, you can’t stop. I always fall in love with the new colour-ways and it is so refreshing to have so many wonderful prints to choose from, I get carried away. Whenever I am wearing one of their dresses I get stopped and complimented by random strangers; it’s a real mood-booster.

A new discovery for me this year has been Wiggy Kit who also specialises in dresses. She has her own website but they are also stocked at Matches Fashion which is where I discovered her. I immediately fell in love with her Apron Dress:

It has a fitted bodice with an elasticated back and this beautiful scalloped edging which runs all the way down from the straps. It’s so very thoughtfully designed and comfy to wear:

I did have mine taken up as it is quite long and do wonder if I should have sized up one as it is quite snug around the chest and waist. It’s so different to all the other dresses I have seen. Unfortunately the red one is very low in stock but it also comes in white (linked below).

Some other dresses on my wish-list are:

I adore the print of the Alemais dress with the seashells. They do a long version but it has slightly puff sleeves. If you’re looking for a cheaper option Zara has some quite nice linen at the moment, though you may want to size up.

Just need some consistently good weather now. Fingers crossed!


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