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oment we reached Baslow in the Peak District, we started questioning why we had never been to this area of the U.K. before; it really is the most beautiful place. So beautiful that we’re going again this Summer as we just didn’t have time to see everything we wanted.

Baslow itself (where we were staying) is a small village a short walk from Chatsworth House so is an ideal base from which to explore. It reminded me a bit of the Cotswolds with lots of sweet houses and small shops right on a picturesque river.

If you’re in the area I would definitely recommend a quick look around and would recommend the The Prince of Wales pub for food (the fish and chips were amazing). It’s also a really wonderful walk to Chatsworth (best to book tickets in advance here, if you want to visit the house and gardens).

Unfortunately because we were only just emerging from lockdown the house wasn’t open but we did go to see the gardens and particularly enjoyed the walk from Baslow through the Chatsworth parkland (entry into the parkland around the house is free) which felt like we’d walked into a Constable painting:

Once we were in the gardens, I must admit I was slightly disappointed as we couldn’t go into the Camellia houses because of restrictions (not their fault, obviously) and I was expecting the garden to be more elegant and manicured. However, it was still really nice to see the house up-close and I particularly liked the small arboretum with its giant Redwoods. I think it’s definitely worth a visit, particularly if you can get a ticket to go inside the house itself.

It really is impressive:

Admittedly this was Spring and the day did turn a bit dreary weather-wise so it’s probably more colourful in the Summer.

Of course, the Peak District is best known for its landscape and its great walking/hiking territory so we drove and parked in the lovely town of Castleton and did part of the Mam Tor/Shivering Mountain ridge walk.

For some reason we started our ascent at seemingly (in retrospect) one of the steepest parts of the walk. I regard myself as fairly fit and even I was quite out of breath, so do make sure you have proper hiking boots, plenty of water and take things at your own pace.

It really is stunning:

I am so looking forward to discovering more of this area and to see it when all the trees are in leaf. It would also be wonderful to visit in the Autumn as I expect the colours are amazing. If anyone else has been and has any recommendations, do let me know.


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