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Vanessa Zamora has finally shared in full their third album with the release of DAMALEONA, VOL. 3. It’s the first collection of new music that she’s shared since their 2018 sophomore release Tornaluna and their 2014 debut Hasta la Fantasía. On her newest project, which was released in three volumes over the last year, culminates into a kind of self-portrait of the artist’s fitting alter-ego: DAMALEONA, from which the album gets its name. It’s through this alternative persona that Zamora tries to come to terms with habits of compartmentalization and her own existentialism.


As a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, Zamora creates songs that gravitate toward the psychedelic. It’s the kind of music that’s such an elegant patchwork of sounds and textures that it escapes any genre constraints. From the glowing flick of guitars that jut out of “SUBCONSCIENTE” or the sultry grooves of bass and synths that waft through “TRASCENDER,” every track on the album is a sensory intoxicating portal into the artist’s mind.

There’s even a slowed-down and reverb-heavy version of “SUBCONSCIENTE” that drives that very point home, revealing how easily Zamora can twist her sonic worlds into something unconsciously cerebral and enthralling.

The purpose of DAMALEONA, VOL. 3 seems to be to empower and aid in the blooming of one’s own mind.

Zamora’s songs highlight the ways our own imaginations are capable of constructing Gods, myths, and entire universes — of imbuing fantastic and profound meaning on whatever it is we choose. Or, as within the paced chant “MORIR NACIENDO,” a reminder that death is a change not worth fearing and one intimately linked with life.


While on “REPROGRAMAR,” the newest track and last one to be added to the album, Zamora explores one of the most complex feelings of our age (and also the most essential): forgiveness. Against her clarion vocals and a smokey array of gloaming guitars and percussion, she rallies against feelings of betrayal with a yearning to return to a time when she trusted. Zamora also shared a music video for the song, which sees the artist wandering dimly lit streets and longingly staring out the window on train rides, wrestling with questions of reconciliation and when to give up on them.

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Words by Steven Ward

Listen to DAMALEONA, VOL. 3 the new album from Vanessa Zamora below!

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