The final Boeing 747 has left Paine Field in Seattle, marking the close of another epic chapter in aviation history.

Final Boeing 747 Takes Flight

Boeing released a video commemorating the departure of the final 747 from Being, a cargo-configured jetliner for Atlas Air:

This jet, while enroute from Paine Field (PAE) in Seattle to Cincinnati (CVG), took a bit of extra time to draw out a 747 with a crown over it while still in Washington State, a fitting tribute to the Queen of the Skies. That 2-hour, 30-minute detour turned the flight into a 6.5 hour journey to cover a distance of only 1,922 miles.


You can also watch the production of the final 747 itinerary here:

I have so many wonderful Boeing 747 stories I could share here, but the good news is that the Queen of the Skies will continue to fly (at least on a handful of airliners).

I’ll save my eulogy for the last 747 passenger flight, which hopefully is many, many years away.


Boeing has just sent off its final 747 from the production line, marking the end of a historic chapter in aviation. No aircraft is more iconic than the 747 and while my love for modern jetliners may be functional, my favorite airplane remains the Queen.

Long may she fly.

image: Boeing

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