er that many months ago we said we’ll show you what we’re doing with all those rocks we’ve been collecting?  You probably forgot all about it, but we didn’t and here goes.

Here is an example of dry and dull collection of rocks.  They looked so beautiful when we picked them wet along the shore.  When dry, all the shine and luster is gone and there is only a hint of their beauty.

And here are some rocks after we tumbled them in our rock tumbler.  Click and enlarge for a better close up view.

We’ll need a separate post to tell you about the rock tumbler and it’s evolution from a singular existence to its current state of a large family of 7.  But as I said, this is for another post.

So now that we tumbled a bunch of rocks and they are all so shiny and beautiful, what to do with them?  Of course, we can give some away. They can also go in glass jars by the window.  We can take them out every now and then to feel how smooth and soothing they feel in your hand, which is always nice.  But since we like making stuff, we thought of a few things to make.

We needed lots of resin first.

And a place to work on.  In this case it was the kitchen counter covered well with paper, or our next project may be a new kitchen counter…

It’s science really.

There are many steps to the process and those steps stretched over several days since resin needs setting, curing, reapplying, and in some cases, fixing rookie mistakes.

The end result was pretty cool we thought.

We made some Christmas ornaments.

Sun catchers

or wall hanging.


in different styles.

Round soap dishes.

Rectangular ones.

For soap,

or, jewelry.

We’d love to know what you think about these rock and resin creations, so drop us a line!

Can you identify some of the rocks?  Can you see Petoskey stones in some of them?

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