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remony, I experience myself channeling codes and celestial energy for the songs and books I’ve loved throughout my life. I feel an orb of energy move through me that is sent back to John Denver, Abba, Erasure, Malcolm Gladwell, Stephen King, and Neville Goddard. Weird. It has taken several ceremonies for me to understand this process.

Elizabeth Gilbert wrote in Big Magic about her “getting a download” or having an idea come to her about a book regarding missionaries going to Africa and meeting with resistance. She put it on the back burner because she was involved in writing another book at the time. She ran into her friend, Barbara Kingsolver, who shared that she was writing a book about missionaries going to Africa and meeting with resistance which became the best-selling novel, The Poisonwood Bible. Many artists have acknowledged that what they bring forth is an idea that is moving through them, it did not come from them. It is as though they can tap into a celestial database of things that want to be created and then, bring them forth. Anyone can access this place; most people never do.

What creates that database?

If there is no concept of time in the Universe, then what is linked to this creative idea, what helps create this idea outside of time, is the gratitude of those who have enjoyed the thing once it was created. Remember the last time you were at a concert with your favorite musician? Everyone was scream-singing, people were crying, and all the energy of the space was coming together led by the musician. Picture it as one giant mass of energy that belongs together. It is one resonance. The musician performs. We react with joy. The two meet in a place of gratitude.

I believe this collection of energy becomes a fully formed musical hit. All the singing of the songs, the humming of the tunes, and radio play by every individual who is moved by it help create a bundle of energy that is in the Universe waiting to be created or brought forth by an artist. This bundle of energy is available for the musician to tap into. These are the downloads that musicians, authors, and artists talk about. Since there is no past or future, there is only now, it is the now feelings that create the song that you eventually come to know and love that seems to have been created in the past.

Imagine an audience of 5,000 people singing back to the musician, the song the musician brought forth. The song resonates with us deeply for some reason. In fact, our body reacts physiologically to the song. You cannot help it. You had a hand in writing that song and are now witness to it in its realized form. You are sending back to the musician the vibrational resonance of the feelings, lyrics and notes of the song, which spirals back into the Universal celestial realms and creates the bundle which is the song.

Creating Best-Selling Books

Best-selling books are similar. Everyone who reads the book sends energy out to the universe while reading it. Great books move us to tears, joy, fear, anticipation, and/or love. These feelings, generated by the books are linked to the vibration of the book on an astral plane. I believe an author can tap into that plane and move that vibrational package through their body creating something that delivers those feelings to those who eventually will read it. If Elizabeth Gilbert had written the book about the missionaries, it would have been quite different than The Poisonwood Bible. But the feelings it would inspire would have been similar.

We are Instruments of Divine Creation

We are all instruments of divine creation. It is through feelings that we create the thing. Art generates feelings; music and books generate feelings. These feelings come together and create the thing in the celestial space of the Universe that we eventually witness and enjoy in this three-dimensional plane called earth.

We create for ourselves the things that bring us joy. We are the architects and creators of our lives and everything in it. That is why it is important that we listen to music, read good books, and interact with art so that we can send these feelings out into the world to help create them in the first place.

Elizabeth Gilbert describes this as “getting a download” or having an idea come to her, which she believes comes from a celestial database of things that want to be created. I believe this database is created by the gratitude of those who have enjoyed the creation once it was brought forth. In this way, music and books are linked to a vibrational package on an astral plane, and artists can tap into this and channel it through their body to create something that delivers those feelings to others. We are all instruments of divine creation, and it is through our feelings that we create things in the celestial space of the universe.

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