Lack of Water

Maturing plants need water as it helps transport critical nutrients and minerals from the roots to the leaves, through the stem. Plants that lack water will experience slow growth, and they will wither and dry up in adverse conditions.

To encourage faster growth of crops, water them frequently and never let the soil dry up completely. Do not overwater, either. 

You can feel the soil moisture using your finger to find the right balance in your watering regimen. If the soil surface feels dry, or the first 6-8 inches of the soil is not moist, it’s time to water your plants!

Pests and Infestations

Once pests attack your indoor plants, there will be minimal nutrients for your potted plants. This will affect your plants’ growth, and they may die. Several pests, like fungus molds, thrive in humid conditions. Hence, you should be aware of the plants you are growing.

Once you have identified pests that have invaded your plants, you may introduce organic pest control measures to counter their effects. But, it is easier to prevent than cure. 

To counter infestations, you should install Mars Hydro Inline Duct fans. Our Inline duct fans will expel heat, and excess humidity from your grow rooms and tents. Also, the fans help filter the air, and pests will find no passage into your crop area.

Improper Temperature

Too low temperatures will lead to plants’ slow growth, and too high temperatures may burn them. 

Mars Hydro grow tents allow you to control the temperature at which your plants grow. The grow tents are neither cold nor too hot and help protect your indoor plants from fluctuating weather conditions.

Wrap Up on Slow Growing Plants

The only solution to counter slow-growing indoor plants is by providing optimum conditions for plant conditions. Buy Mars Hydro LED grow lights, inline duct fans, and grow tents, as they will ensure your plants grow faster and produce high yields. For more information, Contact Us!

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