It shouldn’t be a secret as to what bookkeepers really do; but by researching how to become a bookkeeper you might think it is! No one shows what a bookkeeper actually does – so I made this video as an example of what I was hired to do for one of my newest clients. When you break it down, bookkeeping isn’t rocket science. Many times it is just taking the time to record and categorize transactions for a business. This is something that so many people are capable of, however a lot of business owners either don’t have the time to take care of these tasks, they simply don’t want to take the time to do it, or they are so financially/mathematically insecure they’d rather have someone else do it for them. In any of these scenarios you, as a bookkeeper, can help take a load off of their plate. Bookkeeping can be MUCH more sophisticated than what I show in this video, however there are many small business owners that need someone to do exactly what I’m illustrating in this video. It is helpful to have tax knowledge in order to categorize transactions into specific categories, but it’s not ultimately necessary to have that background. I hope you find this bookkeeping example helpful, and if so like the video or leave me a comment and I’ll try to provide more examples like this one! //CHAPTERS: 0:00 Introduction – Why did I make this video? 3:24 Getting physical receipts/business records 4:11 Getting started organizing receipts into an Excel file 6:34 Physical organization 7:44 Scanning receipts 11:11 Spreadsheet for receipts 19:14 Wrapping up the experience //RESOURCES MENTIONED: Portable “Bar” Scanner – IPEVO Document Camera – *Computer – *If you don’t already have a good computer/laptop for your bookkeeping needs, this is the laptop I currently have. I love it and it’s just right for what I need to use it for! PLUS, this computer has a number pad which makes it so much easier for receipt entry! //CONTACT: For all subscribers, please feel free to leave a comment below so that I can reply to you directly! For any business inquiries, please email me at [email protected] And make sure you subscribe to my channel! Sharing my story as I create my bookkeeping business! Disclaimer – This video is NOT sponsored by any of the brands mentioned throughout this video. All thoughts mentioned are my own. Some links provided above are affiliate links. They do not cost you anything, but I make a small percentage from the sale. Honesty is key on my channel, thank you for supporting me!

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  1. QBO is horrible. I found it so difficult to use and get around. Maybe it’s because I’m a control freak and hate that it does all the work. And I feel it’s not accurate. I spend more time trying figure out how to reverse stuff QBO does then actually doing the books

  2. This is awesome thank you for sharing your experiences. So valuable to us “wanna be bookkeeper”.

  3. Oh my God, thank you so much for this video! This really helped with the type of work bookkeepers do! Now I feel confident in pursuing this business path.

  4. I’m an accountant and for some of my clients that give me the stuff during tax season I have them download their bank transactions in excel. You can then categorize them and tally them up, in less than 30 – 45 minutes.
    For what you were doing you can just check them off and verify it and it will take a third of the time. You just have to enter in the few of them they did not use their business account for. You may also be some transactions they didn’t receive save the receipts for as well.

  5. OMG
    In Serbia, any document that is the basis for registration because it is a business event that affects the company’s assets
    must be recorded within 7 days from the date of its creation
    The only thing that must be posted day by day according to the LAW is the account statement from the Bank.
    If it were like this in Serbia to collect a bunch of documents for posting, the Inspectorate would immediately close
    the company whose documentation it is and the bookkeeping agency that keeps its books.

  6. can you make a living doing bookkeeping when certain clients don’t even want to pay $150 a month?. I mean even if you had 30 clients at $150 a month each would be like $4,500 which would be like 54,000 annually give or take a lil. you would probably take a pay cut by charging annually and with great luck those will be the most time consuming along with being a headache 🤔

  7. You are awesome for making this video! Thanks so much!!! So helpful! You are speaking at the right speed and not rushing through the content. Thank YOU!!!
    Also regarding the client…
    I hate when people take you kindness for a weakness. You were trying to give them a break to start but the regular rate is what it is. Sorry that happened to you.

  8. That guy is crazy for not accepting your monthly fee. $150 per month is only $35 a week. You would be doing him a BIG favor if he were to accept the offer. I’m sure him and his wife don’t have time to run a restaurant and handle the bookkeeping. If they did, they wouldn’t have handed you stacks of monthly receipts. They need you.

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